14-Week-Old Puppy Rescued From Undercarriage of Car “Without a Scratch” in Arizona

Gracie dog stuck in car rescued

Arizona Humane Society

Arizona’s rescuers helped a puppy escape from a difficult situation.

The little dog Gracie (14 weeks old) tried to escape two larger dogs that were chasing her on February 1st, according to a Facebook posting from the Arizona Humane Society.

This scary situation caused her to “[wedging] She climbed up on the rear axle of a car’s undercarriage and became too scared to get out.

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Following the initial reports from the media, the organization sent Dan McGrath, an emergency techniec, to assist. puppy’s plightAccording to 12 News in Mesa (Arizona),

McGrath managed “with a bit of wet food, a lot more patience” to get the animal to come out. The grateful pup was then given “immediately with snuggles”, according the Arizona Humane Society.

Gracie dog stuck in car rescued

Gracie dog stuck in car rescued

Arizona Humane Society

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The vet checked the Parson Russell Terrier mix, who was 12 pounds, and declared her in good health. The organization stated that Gracie received basic care, including vaccinations, spay surgery and a microchip.

She is now available adoption South Mountain campus of the Humane Society.

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The organization said that the dog was one of over 7,400 animals that had been rescued by their Emergency Animal Medical Technician Program in the last year. They also care for nearly 18,000 pets each year.

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