15 Affordable Spring Remodeling Ideas

Updating your home this spring doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. Spring can be welcomed with bright colors and sunshine, as well as a few easy and inexpensive touches that will refresh your home.

Many projects offer more bang for your buck than others, which allows you to bring your house to life while also gaining a great deal of flexibility. protecting your bank account.

Here are 15 inexpensive ways to remodel your spring home.

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1. Accentuate your style

If the “bones” of your home are in good shape and you still love the color on the walls, switch out the accents in each room.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money. A few items in the dollar store that are spring-colored might suffice to refresh your look. You might consider brightly-colored pillows or art that inspires.

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2. Replace cabinetry hardware

You can update the hardware in your kitchen by replacing it with modern, sleeker pieces. You can make your cabinets look fresher by replacing old, dated pulls or handles with modern, sleek pieces.

You can also alter the color of the item, such as switching from basic to polished silver.

3. Give your interior a new look by painting it a different color

A fresh coat is often a good addition as it can cover dingy, chipped-up paint with a bright, new look.

Consider painting the walls and updating trim work and doors. Lighter colors will help to open up the space and give it a spring-like vibe. You should choose a color you find appealing or that sets the tone for your room.

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4. Get more lighting

You can transform your home in a matter of minutes by adding lighting. Although natural light is always the most appealing, artificial light can be added to your home by hanging pendants, lighting fixtures, and chandeliers.

To create a positive and uplifting atmosphere, keep your home bright.

5. Organize your closets

Spring is the ideal time to add more storage racks in your closet.

Toss out what you don’t need or want and use boxes, baskets, and totes to keep everything labeled for the season.

Pro tipDo your best to avoid getting into debt when you are renovating your home. To make it more lucrative, you might consider a part-time or side job. generate extra cash Remodeling projects can be completed throughout the year.

6. Refresh and clean your carpets

It is important to have your carpets professionally cleaned. This will ensure that dirt and stains are removed before they become a problem.

During allergy season, carpet cleaning can help reduce allergens. Make sure to treat any areas that are humid regularly to prevent mold growth.

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7. Crown molding can be added

Crown molding can add instant value to your home. If you prefer a more elegant look, select versions with additional ridges or curves.

Even simple items that only cost $1 per foot can add luxury to a space. You can also spend 20 times as much, if you want.

It is crucial to make sure that your molding is correctly installed in order to give your home a fresh, elegant appearance.

8. Install shutters

The addition of interior shutters is a perfect project for spring, since you’ll benefit all summer from the added shade they offer.

Shutters can let in just the right amount natural light while protecting your privacy. Shutters are more expensive than other window treatments, but add visual impact and character to your space.

9. Restore your deck to its former glory

When the sun returns, decks become a favorite place. Decks can be damaged by the elements. It’s less appealing if the paint is peeling and the floorboards are worn out.

You can extend the life of your deck by updating it. This will also add value and space to your house. Power wash your deck, then stain the deck with paint to restore its beauty.

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10. Install a backsplash

Do your kitchen counter walls have staining or damage from sauce spills and fingerprints? It’s a good time to clean them.

A backsplash can be inexpensive. Choose one that’s easy to wipe clean and that still adds a bit of charm and appeal to your space.

There are many options available to lower your costs, including a simple glue-in backsplash or a professionally installed granite tile.

11. Remodel your front entryway

With a few simple modifications, the front entrance can be made to look stunning.

Consider improving the lighting near your front door. You can also paint your front door in a bright color and place a few planters around the area.

You can also brighten up the interior by adding a new rug to the area around your door or a brightly lit mirror to bring in more natural light. A few pieces of art can be added to your home.

12. Greenery can be added to your interior

You don’t have to have a green thumb to benefit from the addition of an easy-to-manage plant or two in your home.

You can choose from a variety of potted plants that are easy-to-maintenance or succulents. This will allow for added beauty in your yard and back patio. Just don’t overdo it, and you can keep maintenance and care to a minimum.

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13. Buy a couple of new rugs

Rugs are an inexpensive way to bring color and vibrancy into your home.

An oriental rug is a great choice if you’re looking for something unique. Visit a secondhand shop to find older and more intricate rugs.

Choose a rug that is both practical and stylish.

14. De-clutter your kitchen countertops

You can create a hiding place by turning an empty cabinet or pantry into a space that removes clutter from your countertop.

You can also add an enclosed cupboard to your existing countertop to provide formal storage.

15. Ceiling fans need to be updated and cleaned.

Spaces are kept comfortable by air movement. That’s why it’s worth updating the fans in your living space to ensure they fit the size of the home and your goals for that space.

Sometimes just cleaning up the mess can make it look new again. In other cases, a new fan may be a better solution.

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Bottom line

This list will help you to renovate your home. avoid wasting money as you do so.

And don’t forget other basic spring maintenance tasks — such as replacing the air filters in your furnace, checking the batteries in the smoke detector, and cleaning out gutters — that help preserve the value of your home.

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