5 people died from cocaine with fentanyl overdose

Apr. 9—Deputies with the Daviess County’s Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from the 500 block of Camden Circle at approximately 12:45 a.m. Saturday in reference to a suspected drug overdose with CPR in progress.

Deputies and members of AMR Owensboro Fire found two young men suffering from overdoses associated with cocaine.

A female subject was not responding to CPR. Someone was administering CPR on the scene. One male subject was conscious but not conscious.

Both patients were taken by AMR to Owensboro Health Regional Hospital for further treatment.

Deputies learned that another subject was being transported to OHRH by a personal vehicle while conducting an investigation. OHRH received two additional subjects in connection to a cocaine overdose. This made five subjects total, aged 17-22, who were suffering from cocaine overdoses.

All subjects were found to be connected by deputies. Staff at the hospital informed the deputies that cocaine might have been laced with Fentanyl.

All subjects are now in stable condition. They were taken to the hospital Saturday for further treatment. Nick Roby is the chief deputy of the sheriff’s department. He said that all leads are being investigated into the origin of the cocaine.

Brad Youngman, Daviess County Sheriff, said that DCSO is experiencing an increase in drugs laced fentanyl.

“We used mostly to see meth, but those days have passed,” he stated. “We now see everything, including heroin, cocaine, meth and marijuana. Other drugs with fentanyl are becoming more common.

Youngman stated that because of the Good Samaritan Law no one will be prosecuted for overdosing or reporting the incident.

He said that he encouraged people to come forward and that the investigation would continue on to the source of the cocaine.

Youngman indicated that a medical emergency could occur with fentanyl within a matter of minutes after ingestion.

He said, “If anyone is doing drugs, now would be the best time to stop.” “You never know what could be laced.”

Youngman claimed that after speaking with parents and deputies present on the scene, he was unaware of cocaine laced fentanyl.

For more information, contact DCSO at (270-685-8444) or Crime Stoppers at (270-687-8484)

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