5 Good Corn Syrup Swaps to Use When You Bake

Corn syrup in glass jar on a wooden board

Corn syrup in glass jar on a wood board

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Corn syrup is a typical sweetener utilized in many recipes, together with cookies, fudge, glazes, and jams. However typically, you may end up in search of a corn syrup substitute. Maybe you are out of the ingredient or just in search of a much less processed possibility—or possibly you are getting ready a recipe for somebody with a corn allergy (which is uncommon, however potential). Fortunately, there are many corn syrup substitutes to select from, every with its personal distinctive flavors and options.

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Are the Options Higher?

It is essential to notice that corn syrup substitutes aren’t essentially “more healthy” or “higher.” Whether or not you are consuming honey, maple syrup, or corn syrup, sugar is sugar—and your physique handles all sweeteners the identical method, says Vanessa Risotto, MS, RD, CDN, and the co-founder of Culina Health. And whereas different choices are often much less processed or comprise nutritional vitamins and antioxidants, the distinction is just not sufficient to have a big influence in your well being. With that mentioned, over-consuming any kind of sweetener (corn syrup or in any other case) can enhance the chance of a number of well being points, so it is essential to method these corn syrup options such as you would any sugar.

Maple Syrup

In line with Risotto, maple syrup is much less processed than corn syrup, which make it extra fascinating relying in your preferences. It could additionally exchange corn syrup at a 1:1 ratio, explains Richard LaMarita, chef-instructor of health-supportive culinary arts on the Institute of Culinary Education. However take word: Corn syrup does not add taste (simply sweetness!), whereas maple syrup will add maple taste and deeper shade to no matter you make, he says.

This can be greatest for recipes with different heat flavors, corresponding to cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, and apple, or easy preparations corresponding to fast fruit jams. Simply be sure you use actual maple syrup for one of the best taste—not the factitious variety, which is constructed from sugar and caramel coloring.


It is potential to create a corn syrup-like liquid by mixing honey with water, says LaMarita. Nonetheless, cooking honey deteriorates its high quality and it strips out its important enzymes and vitamins. If it is the well being advantages of honey you are after, think about using a honey-water combination for non-baking functions corresponding to glazes or dressings, LaMarita says.

Agave Syrup

Agave syrup is produced by heating the sap of agave vegetation. In line with LaMarita, this corn syrup swap has a candy, impartial style, and it may be used in its place at a 1:1 ratio. The ingredient additionally will not shade objects like maple syrup does. The one catch? Agave syrup manufacturing varies drastically, and low-quality variations primarily yield high-fructose corn syrup, says LaMarita. Search for natural uncooked agave syrup which is produced with strict temperature controls, yielding a better high quality agave sweetener.

Brown Rice Syrup

“Brown rice syrup is [made of] barley and rice that is soaked, blended with water, fermented, and boiled right down to a syrup,” says LaMarita. It has a thick, gummy texture and extra-sweet taste. For that reason, LaMarita advises in opposition to utilizing it as a corn syrup substitute for baking.

Nonetheless, “it may be blended with water and used as a glaze, or higher but, in savory cooking,” says LaMarita. For instance, you should use a little bit of brown rice syrup-water combination to sweeten up salad dressing or sauce, he explains.


Recognized for its position in iconic items like gingerbread cookies, molasses has a robust taste and thick texture, says LaMarita. It could additionally burn rapidly, making it unsuitable for on a regular basis baking. If you wish to use it as a corn syrup substitute, contemplate reaching for it when making glazes or sauces quite than in baked items.

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