Algorand Foundation Announces Broad Reach Partnerships in India for Web3 Growth

T-Hub, Self-Employed WomenAlgorand Foundation is proud to offer partnerships for the s Association of Women (SEWA)s significant investment in Indias blockchain ecosystem

SINGAPORE, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Algorand FoundationThe organisation was dedicated to growing the world’s ecosystemBlockchain’s top layer-1, most secure and reliable blockchain, has announced broad-reaching partnerships India.

Algorand Foundation Logo (PRNewsfoto/Algorand Foundation)

Algorand Foundation Logo – PRNewsfoto/Algorand Foundation

With India You can do it! China The world’s most populous country This year, the Foundation is determined to support the creation and implementation of solutions and employment opportunities that serve. India’s vibrant population.

Algorand is the first Layer-1 blockchain protocol that you can partner with T-Hub, India’s Premier innovation hub, with 600+ corporate partners including Cisco, Meta, Microsoft and Intel. This partnership will assist startups and established companies in building high-impact, sustainable blockchain-based solutions.

T-Hub, Telangana state and the Web3 ecosystem are committed to supporting entrepreneurs, developers, creators and other Web3 stakeholders. Algorand is pleased to announce our partnership, particularly considering the real world utility and sustainability of its blockchain in a market such a as India“This is a strong proof of that,” stated M. S. Rao (CEO, T-Hub). “This partnership will allow our ecosystem to scale globally and provide capital access from all over the globe.”

Through partnerships Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad And the Indian School of BusinessThe Algorand Foundation is soon to launch faculty development programs, student developers training, and a masterclass series for companies that want to move critical business processes to Web3.

Algorand will also be a technology partner in the new initiative. $50 million Global Climate Resilience Fund – launched by the Clinton Foundation and its Clinton Global Initiative, with SEWA as a founding partner – geared towards helping women micro-entrepreneurs address climate change. SEWA is the biggest trade union in South Africa. India With more than 2.1 millions female workers. SEWA has been improving the lives of women who work in informal industries for over 50 years through programs such as technical training.

Algorand Foundation CEO celebrated the launch of the new fund. Staci Warden Become a former U.S. Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton The Clinton Foundation, Ahmedabad. This fund will assist local entrepreneurs to connect with carbon markets and monetize the carbon credits they generate. Algorand will help women-led businesses build solutions for increasing financial inclusion and empowerment of SEWA members. India.

“At Algorand Foundation, our deep commitment is to ensuring that Blockchain lives up to its potential in creating an inclusive economy. India Warden said, “And across the globe.” “I’m thrilled to be back in IndiaEspecially to see the enthusiasm of people across the country about technology that can so significantly improve their quality and positively impact their lives.”

Algorand’s emphasis on India Follow the Foundation’s recent developments appointment Anil Kakani, India Country Head.

“The partnerships we’re formalizing this week with India’s Kakani said that most respected institutions are able to demonstrate the reliability, scalability, and real-world utility of Algorand’s blockchain technology. “Our mission revolves around sustainable impact. We are ready for the spotlight. India You can find them all around the world to inspire world-changing solutions that improve access to financial services and education.

Developers and startups who are interested in learning more and taking part in the Algorand initiative can apply for a 3-day mini accelerator experience. Hyderabad It is taking place March 24-26, 2023. For more information, click here.

About Algorand Foundation

The Algorand Foundation’s mission is to fulfill the global promise of Algorand blockchain. They will take responsibility for the Algorand ecosystem’s sound monetary supply economics and decentralized governance. This website was designed by MIT Professor and Turing Award-winning cryptographer Silvio MicaliAlgorand is a unique example of how to fulfill the promise of a world without borders. It delivers transaction throughputs comparable to traditional finance, but at a speed that is almost as fast, with close to zero transaction costs, on a 24-hour basis, and with instant finality. Its carbon neutral platform and pure proof-of stake consensus mechanism solves the “blockchain dilemma” by achieving security as well as scalability using a decentralized protocol. The system has been live since 2019 without any downtime. Visit for more information.

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