All About Pamela Anderson’s Fourth Husband Dan Hayhurst

Pamela Anderson and Dan Hayhurst

Pamela Anderson & Dan Hayhurst

YouTube – Loose women Dan Hayhurst and Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson Has had her fair share high-profile relationshipsHer most recent flight, however, was invisible to the public.

The actress married her builder and bodyguardDan Hayhurst met Dan while renovating his Vancouver Island, Canada, home. Their marriage was completed in January 2022. separation was confirmed After one year of marriage.

Pamela went into this relationship hopefullyPEOPLE was told by a source that she had been separated. She hopes for the best. She believes that every marriage will be her last.

The source stated that “I believe they had much in common, especially their love for Vancouver Island.” “But they fell in love.”

Anderson began compiling her memoirs after the divorce from her fourth husband. Love, Pamela You can also work on it Netflix Documentary Pamela, a Love Story.

Here are the facts about Dan Hayhurst, Pamela Anderson’s ex husband.

He was renovating her house when they met.

PEOPLE reported that Anderson was seeing Hayhurst in September 2020. “been together for a while.”

Source said that she was very happy. “And they have been together throughout the whole pandemic. He has been helping her renovate her Vancouver Island home. She is super happy.

After getting married, the newlyweds appeared The British Talk Show Loose Women Interview via video conference from bed They confirmed their meeting while Hayhurst was at Hayhurst’s home.

Anderson shared, “He was working here. I got stuck here during COVID. We stuck together.”

In 2020, he married Anderson

Pamela Anderson’s Fourth Husband Dan Hyhurst

Pamela Anderson’s Fourth Husband Dan Hyhurst

Courtesy RASTA Farm Sanctuary

Pamela Anderson was confirmed to be the president of the Associated Press on January 27, 2021. Daily Mail she’d married Hayhurst Intimate ceremony at her Canadian home on Christmas Eve

Anderson stated to the outlet that he is exactly where he needs him to be: in the arms of a man who loves me deeply.

Mother of two, the mother-of-two said that she and her husband tied the knot on “the property I purchased from my grandparents 25+ years ago.” She added, “This is where both my parents were married. They are still together.” It feels like I have come full circle.”

Heather Ross, the couple’s wedding photographer, and cake baker, told PEOPLE about their nuptials: “Pamela was beaming with love. They were so happy and focused on one another.”

Ross shared the bouquet of the bride, which included pine boughs grown on her property and an “olive branch to bring peace, roses for romantic loves, exotic orchids to symbolize new beginnings, and an exotic orchid for passionate love” Ross shared.

Anderson described him as “a good guy”

Pamela Anderson’s Fourth Husband Dan Hyhurst

Pamela Anderson’s Fourth Husband Dan Hyhurst

Courtesy RASTA Farm Sanctuary

During the interview, Loose Women, the newlyweds revealed They were attracted to one another by their shared interests.

Anderson said Hayhurst was “the kind of guy I would have met” if he didn’t travel the globe and become crazy. “It’s great to be with a man who can actually turn on a lightbulb. He’s useful. It’s something new.”

Hayhurst answered a question about Hayhurst’s attraction to activist by saying, “I couldn’t resist, and she couldn’t resist me.” He then added, “I’ll show you underneath the covers if necessary.”

After a year, he separated from Anderson.

After one year of marriage, a representative is appointed for the Baywatch PEOPLE was informed by an Anderson alum that Anderson had died. split from her bodyguard husband In January 2022.

Anderson recalled the time she spent in Vancouver Island’s former farmhouse with her grandparents. Vanity Fair That she started to “romanticize everyone,” even those who worked on her renovations.

“Everyone was looking good — all the contractors that were here,” she said. But their brief marriage ended in divorce. lasted less than a year Because “it ended in being a catastrophe,” she explained to the outlet.

Anderson was born in January 2023. told The Sunday Times She said that she was stupid for falling in love with her contractor and that it made her regret the decision. She stated that the marriage was worse than any others. And I realized that I was getting caught up in the whole thing. What am I doing? This is yet another disaster, it just occurred to me. … I was responsible for all the cooking and cleaning. I was able to get out of the situation as fast as I could.

Anderson’s fourth spouse was Hayhurst

Anderson was Anderson’s fourth wife. Hayhurst was Anderson’s fourth marriage. In 1995, she famously married Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee After only knowing each other for four days. They share two sons Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger are together. The couple split in 1998.

She got married in 2006 and was divorced. Kid Rock. She married Rick Solomon in 2007 and then divorced him again in 2013.

Later, she married film producer Jon Peters They will be married for 12 days total in 2020. was never official They never filed the paperwork.

He’s a builder at a Canadian sanctuary for animals

RASTA SanctuaryIn late 2020, the farm animal sanctuary in Chemainus (Canada) shared photos of Hayhurst & Anderson on Instagram to thank them for their efforts towards the sanctuary. Hayhurst was working as an engineer.

This is the last post of their Christmas Eve wedding. the sanctuary thanked The “incredibly generous, most kind and thoughtful couple.”

The sanctuary wrote that Pamela had surprised them all by giving us an early Christmas present. She most generously covered the cost of cement for the footings of our barn construction. We couldn’t have been more grateful.”

Hayhurst was also mentioned. “Dan, Hayhurst’s very hardworking partner and builder is doing an amazing job both coordinating and getting down to work.”

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