Ammoora Restaurant Promises Proceeds to Earthquake Recovery In Levant Region

In response to the earthquake that caused such a devastating destruction, Syria And TurkeyAmmoora Restaurant pledges 10% of its profits to earthquake victims

BALTIMORE, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Ammoora Restaurant is located in the Ritz Carlton Residences. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor will donate 10% of its February profits to relief efforts in response to the two major earthquakes and 54 aftershocks that have devastated northern areas. Syria Southern Turkey Tens of thousands of people were killed or injured in the chaos that occurred early yesterday morning. Millions of refugees are already making this region their temporary “home” while they wait for humanitarian assistance.

“Our roots are in SyriaAmmoora was founded in Maryland with the mission to share the love and generosity of Levantine communities by showcasing their culture, cuisine, hospitality, and culture. “We continue our mission of generosity today and pledge support for those impacted by the tragic earthquake,” stated an emotional Jay SalkiniAmmoora’s owner.

Since the beginning of civil war Syria The Salkini family was involved in helping Syrian refugees in 2011 This pledge will help to mitigate the devastating effects of the catastrophe by supporting international non-profit organisations in providing winterization kits and heating materials for those in need.

These US non-profits can be contacted if you wish to make financial donations for the relief efforts in Syria.

About Ammoora Restaurant

Ammoora, a beautiful reflection of the Levant, is located at the Ritz Carlton Residences, Inner Harbor. BaltimoreThe restaurant serves authentic Levantine cuisine that combines Syrian hospitality with modern design. This menu was created by a renowned Syrian chef. Dima Al-ChaarThis contemporary culinary adventure through the Eastern Mediterranean will immerse guests in an unforgettable fine-dining experience.



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