Biden will focus on cancer patients and vets.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden Tuesday’s presentation will include new steps to pursue illegal drugs, assist veterans and cancer patients, as well as provide greater access to mental health care.

It will be a new version of the steps Biden laid out in these four areas last year at the State of the Union address. It was called a “unity agenda,” These issues could be shared by legislators and the public regardless of political affiliation.

Biden will use his State of the Union address Tuesday night Aides who saw the details before the speech said that the speech would outline new steps for combating illicit drugs, aid veterans and cancer patients, make mental healthcare more accessible, among other things.

Dr. Rahul Gupta, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, said Biden would outline a “forceful approach” for going after fentanyl and expanding public health efforts to reduce deaths by drug overdose. This includes using advanced technology, such as the use of drones to capture fentanyl at border crossings and working with commercial courier companies to intercept packages.

Biden will request Congress to reauthorize National Cancer Act, which was passed more than 50 years ago to update U.S. care and research systems.

The president will work with states and territories to increase educational resources and invest in community-based programs to reduce suicide among veterans.

Biden will once again ask Congress to support banning online marketing targeting children and improving data privacy and transparency in the area of mental illness, especially for children. Biden had included these protections on his agenda last years, but Congress still hasn’t passed legislation. He will also discuss ways to make it easier for more people to access mental health care.


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