Bindi Irwin’s Brother Robert Shares a Heart-Melting Story About the Special Way the Late Steve Irwin Helped Him Meet Baby Grace

The late Steve Irwin didn’t have a chance to meet his granddaughter, Grace Warrior, but the Irwin family has kept his memory alive for the 2-year-old. And Steve and Terri Irwin’s son Robert Irwin (Grace’s uncle!) He shares one of the special ways his dad helped meet Grace when she still was in the hospital, with her parents Bindi and Chandler Powell.

The wildlife photographer shared several Instagram photos this week of his dad’s ute — basically Australia’s version of a truck — which the Crocodile Hunter passed down to his now 19-year-old son. In the first one, a blonde-haired, toddler-version of Robert holds the steering wheel with both hands while sitting on Steve’s lap. He’s dressed in a little Hawaiian shirt and looks so cute!

The second is a photo from more recent times, with Robert driving the car as an adult, wearing his Australia Zoo khaki’s. He is the spitting image of his late dad, and it’s giving us all the feels! Robert is shown holding a parking permit next to his ute in the last photo.

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“My dad’s ute… it’s a special car,” the Crikey! It’s The Irwins star posted. “From early memories when Dad would park and let me pretend to drive, to more recently when I took my drivers test in it (and somehow managed not to stall it 😂).”

He continued, “I remember my first solo drive in this car after I got my license – it was to the hospital to meet my niece for the first time, right after she was born. And now, the ute still comes on road trips to this day…”

Wow! The car that his father loved was with him from the first time he saw Grace. Is the car still on roadtrips with the Irwins? It’s such a cool way to keep Steve present in their lives.

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