Broncos owner/CEO Greg Penner impressed by Sean Payton’s obsession with details

After Nathaniel Hackett was fired, Denver Broncos CEO Greg Penner interviewed eight candidates for his replacement and finally hired Sean Payton. Penner couldn’t be happier with the results of the search.

“Last month, I said that we were looking for a strong leader who could build a winning culture,” Payton said Monday. “One with accountability, discipline and also build a really strong identity on offense. I couldn’t be more proud of the way we got there and Sean Payton is my coach. …

“Sean pours his heart and soul into winning, and players respond to his enthusiasm, creativity and genuine love of the game. In just a few days here in our building last week, he is already bringing that energy and passion into our building and organization.”

Part of what attracted Penner to Payton was the coach’s obsession with details.

“[H]For 15 seasons, a winning football team was on the field almost every year. You don’t do that without incredible passion and intensity. It kept coming up as I talked to other league members. It’s the attention to detail.

“I think one of [his] I was told a story by former players about the towels in the locker rooms. Sean didn’t think the towels were big enough. This level of detail-oriented attention is what makes winning organizations. He’s going to bring that energy and passion to every part of our building.”

Payton mentioned that the New Orleans Saints should have larger towels so fans can wave at them. He also suggested reviewing which shoes players are wearing. No detail is too minor for Payton’s consideration.

“If we are maniacal with the details on the field, then we have to be that way in every other element — the training room, the weight room, how we approach ticket sales,” Payton said. “Everything matters. You can’t just say, ‘Oh, it’s only this that’s important.’ Everything matters. How we traveled. How we celebrated in our locker rooms.

“We brought a $30,000-dollar stereo system — Club Dub. We thought it was important, especially on the road, that everyone could hear our locker room celebrating and say, ‘What is going on in there?’ That is creating culture. With the right people, and with the details — I can go on and on.”

Broncos fans will hope that Payton brings a similar “Club Dub” stereo system to Denver, and they’ll hope it’s used more often than five times following the team’s five-win season in 2022.

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Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire

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