Bulls center Andre Drummond delivers wise message to young hoopers

The Chicago Bulls have a wide array of players on their roster. Obviously, there are the stars like Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan. They have a group of younger guys, too, such as Patrick Williams, Coby White, and now, rookie Julian Phillips. But on the bench, they have cobbled together a group of veterans.

One of those guys is big man Andre Drummond, who joined the team in free agency last summer. He had a solid year in Chicago backing up Nikola Vucevic, but at one point in time, he was an All-Star. In fact, he’s been an All-Star twice. But now, he’s on a league-minimum deal.

In a recent clip that’s making the rounds on Twitter, Drummond shared a wise message to a group of young hoopers he was coaching. (H/t Brad Rowland of UPROXX)

“To be pouting on the bench, making faces, not cheering your f****** teammates on when we’re down 8 the entire game, come back and go up by 3, and you’re not celebrating that,” Drummond said. “I’m gonna tell you something. Fellas, I was that guy. I was a $100 million guy. I was pouting. I was upset when I wasn’t playing. And I had a bad attitude. I went from $100 million to a f****** league minimum… They don’t care how many rebounds you get. How many threes you make. They care about you being as a person. Are you a good teammate? Are you a good locker room guy? Are you someone they can count on each and every night?”

Drummond preached consistency and having a good attitude, and those are two things everybody should be able to get behind.

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Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire

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