Can Caitlin and Olivia Clark break Sabrina Ionescu’s triple-double record for Olivia Miles?

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Olivia Miles from Notre Dame takes the ball up the court in a match against Merrimack, Dec. 10, 2022, South Bend, Indiana. (AP Photo/Michael Caterina)

Caitlin Clark, a junior from Iowa, and Olivia Miles, a sophomore at Notre Dame, each set a new NCAA Division I triple double record within fewer than ten days of each other in this month’s NCAA Division I tournament.

Clark, once again a top National Player of the Year candidate, broke the Big Ten record Dec. 4 with her seventh career double-double. Miles, who enrolled in 2021 early, broke the Notre Dame record that was previously held by Jewell Loyd And Skylar Diggins-Smith Her third was Dec.

They are active triple-double queens and could surpass the greatest of all time. Sabrina Ionescu, the Oregon star, and 2020 No. The No. 1 pick for the New York LibertyShe won the title with 26 triple-doubles during her four-year college career. By her sophomore year, she had set the women’s record and as a junior cruised past the overall NCAA Division I men’s or women’s record.

In the college game, triple-doubles can be as common as ever historically been in the WNBAFew people know this, but they do. collected more than a handful until recently. Clark and Miles, nightly triple double watch threats, are close to the record. Ionescu also holds other marks, such as being Ionescu’s only player to achieve a triple triple in four consecutive seasons. Miles and Clark are both well on their way towards tying the record.

Here are their averages and triple-doubles compared to the “triple double queen”.

Sabrina Ionescu’s triple-double record

Ionescu’s senior and junior seasons were responsible for the majority of her 26 triple-doubles in 142 games. According to Her Hoop Stats she also had three games where she scored at least nine point, nine rebounds, and nine assists. She also scored at least eight points in each category 36 more times. Six is her career-high for steals.

Ionescu’s first triple-double came in the seventh match of her college career, November 2016. She added three more that season. As a sophomore, she had six. She was tied with Youngstown State’s Danielle Carson. for most in a season. Carson was a senior in 1986, when she set the record with three consecutive fall records.

Ionescu, a junior, broke the NCAA men’s record in December 2018. It was set two years before as the overall NCAA Division I record. It was her 13th career victory, beating Kyle Collinsworth of BYU. She also pulled away from Chastadie Bars, who had nine records for the Lamar women’s program in 2016-19.

She broke her season record by breaking eight, including an unforgettable NCAA tournament one against Indiana. Ionescu was able to win that match. made headlines for calling out ESPN’s lack of coverage of women’s sports. Murray State Ja Morant The men’s tournament had been opened with a triple double days before and media outlets including ESPN incorrectly called it the “first March Madness Triple-double since 2012”, when Ionescu had one the preceding March.

Eight more jewels were added to her crown as a senior. Ionescu holds the record for most seasons of a triple-double (44) and most against one opponent (3 against Arizona).



Notable Moments



11/27/16 — 11p, 12r, 11a for first-ever



3/16/18 — NCAA Tournament R64



3/24/19 — NCAA R32 vs. Indiana



2/24/20 — 21p, 12r, 12a in last one vs. Stanford

Ionescu averaged 18 point (45.5 FG%), 7.7 rebounds, 7.7 assist, and played 34.6 minutes per match at Oregon. Every season, her rebounding and assist numbers increased. She was the first player ever to surpass 2,000 points and 1,000 rebounds, as well as 1,000 assists. in NCAA Division I history. Her final line includes 2,562 points and 1,040 rebounds, as well as 1,091 assists. She has three triple-doubles In 65 games of the WNBA

Iowa guard Caitlin Clark shoots during a game against Drake on Nov. 13, 2022, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Iowa’s Caitlin Clark shoots during Drake’s game on Nov. 13, 2022 in Des Moines. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Caitlin Clark’s triple double pace

Clark is currently on her third season and has seven triple-doubles. She is two short of third and five shy of second.

According to Her Hoop Stats she’s had three more games of at minimum nine points, rebounds, and assists. Seven games with at least eight points each. Five steals is her career record. She is in triple-double territory almost every night, with averages that are comparable to Ionescu’s.

As a freshman, her only one was this: came almost exactly two years ago December 22, 2002. She added five more as a sophomore to tie her for third in a single season. They were enormous and included back-to-back 30-point games for elite NBA-level company. She was the first Division I player to lead in assists (82) and points (27) last year.

With six triple-doubles, she was tied for fourth in career. This month, she had a triple-double against Wisconsin her first of the season She broke the tie with Samantha Logic (also from Iowa) for the most Big Ten men’s and women’s Big Ten history. On Tuesday, she is leading Division I at 27.7 per game. She also tied Miles for fifth in assists with 7.2. She has averaging 7.5 rebound in 11 games.

Clark is four triple-doubles shy of the 11 Ionescu achieved in her junior year. Clark would need to average 10, which would be more than Ionescu’s record.

She may also be able to reach the career 2,000-1,000-1,000 threshold. She averages 26.9 point (46.2%), 7.9 rebounds and 7.5 assist per game. Clark has a career average of 3,338 point, 877 rebound and 932 assists. This is based on her games played. Clark would need to average close to 9.5 rebound and 8.8 assists throughout her career in order to achieve these numbers. Ionescu’s senior season averaged 17.5 ppg with 8.6 rpg. She also had 9.1 apg.

Washington’s Kelsey Plum Holds the career point record of 3,527, Oklahoma’s Courtney Paris holds 2,034, and Penn State’s Suzie Mconnell holds 1,307 assists in the 1980s.

Olivia Miles’ triple-double pace

Miles is the younger of the two and has the greatest potential to win the triple-double crown, if only for being younger. Miles, a five-star point guard ranked No. 8 overall from high school enrolled at Notre Dame in January 2021, she played 136 minutes in six matches. Her freshman numbers match those of Clark as well as Ionescu.





Sabrina Ionescu (2016-20)





Caitlin Clark (2020—)





Olivia Miles (2021—)





Miles averages 13.6 points and 5.8 boards in 48 career matches as of Tuesday. Based on her current game averages and an estimate of 128 more career games, Miles is currently on pace to score 2,663 points and 779 rebounds, as well as 923 assists.

The triple-doubles have already broken the Fighting Irish record of two set Loyd & Diggins-Smith Chris Thomas is only one to do it for the men’s program. Her first came just over a year ago, on Dec. 8, 2021. She added another one as the first freshman to score one in the NCAA tournament. Her third game was the 13-point-rebound, 14 assist, and 13-rebound game against Merrimack that took 27 minutes.

She is currently tied with a large number of players who have three Triple-Doubles, including Brittney Griner (Baylor), Logic (active players Grace Berger (Indiana), Haley Cavinder [Miami transfer from Fresno State].

Miles had one loss against Syracuse in which she was one assist short, and three other games in which Miles scored at least eight points, rebounded and assisted. Six steals are her career record. Her close calls, as well as the rise of Notre Dame, suggest that she could easily cruise up the triple double record list to at most get close.

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