CGrowth Capital Inc. Announce filing of Q1 2023 disclosure following appointment of new chief executive officer

CGrowth Capital, Inc.

CGrowth Capital, Inc.

NEW YORK, NY, May 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire – CGrowth Capital Inc. (OTC: CGRA) is a public holding company for alternative and undervalued assets. The company is sector and industry agnostic and is solely focused on investing in growth-oriented opportunities where the company’s capital, expertise, and capabilities can help create significant added value for shareholders.

CGrowth Capital Inc. has today announced the filing of its Q1 2023 disclosure which brings the company’s filing obligations fully up to date. This disclosure primarily focuses on the period before acceleration, when RedClip Holding Inc. acquired control of CGRA. The first quarter of the year 2023, like the last quarter of the year 2022, was an important time for the business, with the focus on finalizing restructuring and establishing the necessary accounting and administration structures. This helped position the company to accelerate growth and expand.

CGRA, following this restructuring phase is delighted to announce Mitchell Smith’s appointment as the new CEO of the company. Mitchell Smith brings a wealth of experience, including a distinguished career as a rugby professional, coach, and talent scout, as well as an extensive career as a technology and telecommunications industry executive. His unique blend of experience, in addition to the adaptability and resilience he has shown throughout his professional career, will be pivotal in realizing CGRA’s vision of investing in growth-oriented opportunities across multiple sectors. Mitch is currently the head coach for the Swifty 7s Rugby team. His leadership has resulted in remarkable success. The team won two of the three last tournaments under his leadership.

Mitchell Smith said he was honored to accept this new challenge. I look forward to collaborating with the dynamic team of CGrowth Capital Inc. in order to discover and implement unique investing opportunities, and to help drive our vision for harnessing technology to transform the sectors we work in. I look forward to the release of my first podcast recording, since joining the company, and providing a more in-depth overview of my professional career to date along with sharing my vision for the continued growth of CGRA.’’

Nicolas Link, Chairman, CGrowth Capital Inc., stated that they were “very excited” to welcome Mitchell to the company. “His diverse technical knowledge, sports expertise, and leadership are exactly what we require as we continue to invest in and discover undervalued assets within our various divisions. As a multi-dimensional company acquiring and growing scalable assets, we believe his distinctive insights will be instrumental in driving our company’s growth and success.” CGRA looks forward to the exciting new chapter this appointment heralds for the company’s future.

In order to oversee the company’s operations in both the current sports division and soon-to-be announced new division, several executive boards have been formed. This proactive measure recognizes the increasing global demand for these sectors, and the abundance of opportunities that exist within them. It also demonstrates the commitment of the company to acquire specialized expertise in every company division. In the next week, the members of the newly appointed boards will be announced, as well as the launch of a central company website, and a dedicated website for each recently created division.

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