Chris Harrison Said Kaitlyn and Tayshia Bristowe Were “Set Up to Fail” as Bachelorette Co-Hosts

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Chris Harrison He explained why he believed this Kaitlyn Bristowe And Tayshia Adams Co-hosts of the show, they were “destined to fail”. The Bachelorette.

The latest episode of his podcast The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris HarrisonThe 51-year old television personality and ex-Bachelor Nation host stated that the only thing that bothered him about finding out that Adams, 32, and Bristowe, 37 were taking over hosting duties, was that Adams and Adams were not named.

He said to Bristowe that he believed he was doomed for failure. “You were set up for failure. It was never going to work. This show, which I also know intimately better than anyone, is too big for just one person.

He continued, “There isn’t room for two mentors.” “There’s no place for two emotions in that mental area that you’re takingover and that’s just not going to work,” he said.

Harrison admitted that he knew being a co-host of the show was “awkward” and “tough”.



ABC/Craig Sjodin Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams

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Bristowe — who did not return to host Gabby Windey And Rachel RecchiaSeason of The Bachelorette  — said she felt that co-hosting the show “didn’t feel professional.”

“It made us laugh and feel silly with each other. We didn’t take it seriously.” [sic] Adams and her, she said. “And, as you stated, there’s not enough space for two people in that position.”

Harrison replied, “To have two women hosting The BacheloretteSo now you have three women. That’s quite a number in that space. I don’t know what you did to get there.



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They also addressed Harrison’s claims that Harrison remained silent after Harrison took over The Bachelorette‘s co-host.

The last episode of the Last Week’s Episode Not Skinny but Not Fat Podcast, the former Dancing with the Stars The contestant admitted that she had cried her eyes out and that Harrison didn’t respond to their texts. It made their relationship seem “dead,” she said. Harrison, however, was informed by Bristowe that she now fully understands the reason he did not reply at the time.

Harrison explained why he didn’t respond to Bristowe in March 2021 when the news broke.

“I was the mentor — somewhat of a father figure — where I listened. And I asked questions. It was my job, I care about your life,” he stated. “And that was how we started our relationship.

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“This time I needed just that flip of the, Hey, How are you? Is it OK? But, not, ‘Are You OK With Me Taking the Show and You’re Irreplaceable?’ These words were very appreciated, but I was only there at the time. I didn’t have the bandwidth He said that he was able to handle all of it. “By the by, I truly didn’t care at all about who was hosting or who would be the next mentor or what show was going to do.”

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