CNOOC Limited Announces World’s First Semi Submersible “Double Hundred” Deep-sea, Floating Wind Turbine Linked to the Grid

HONG KONG, May 20, 2023 CNOOC Limited, (SEHK: 00883,SSE: 600938) announces today that the deep-sea floatation wind demonstration project at Wenchang has been connected to the grid successfully for the generation of power.

CNOOC Logo (PRNewsfoto/CNOOC Limited)

CNOOC Logo (PRNewsfoto/CNOOC Limited)

The demonstration project, located in the Western part of the South China Sea near the Wenchang oilfields at a distance of 136 kilometers from the shore and in water depths of 120 meters, is located in close proximity to the Wenchang offshore oilfields. This is the first “double-hundred” deep-sea, floating wind project in the world. The water depth is over 100 meters with an offshore range of 100 kilometers. The main production facility of the project, “Haiyou Guanlan”, is China’s First deep sea floating wind power station that provides power to offshore fields under the most extreme oceanic conditions. The platform, with an installed power of 7.25MW, can produce up 22 million kWh electricity. This is the equivalent of saving almost 10 million cubic metres of natural gas or reducing carbon dioxide emission by 22,000 tonnes per year.

CNOOC Limited holds 100% of the equity in the project.

Mr. Wang Dongjin said: “The successful commissioning ‘Haiyou Guanlan,’ shows the latest achievement by CNOOC Limited on the integrated development offshore oilfields, and new energy business. The Company has maximized its inherent comparative advantages. China’s Leading wind power technologies The Company is also taking a major step in its efforts to tap into green energy offshore resources.”

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