Partnerships to Drive Inclusion and Sustainability

Huawei and its partners from around the world hosted a roundtable for media at HAS2023

SHENZHEN (China), April 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At a media roundtable held yesterday at Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2023, Huawei and its global partners shared the latest TECH4ALL practices and discussed how digital technology enables a more inclusive and sustainable digital world.

Huawei and partners held TECH4ALL roundtable on Day 2 at HAS 2023

On Day 2, Huawei and partners hosted a TECH4ALL Roundtable at HAS 2023

During this session, Huawei’s global TECH4ALL Partners also gave updates on the projects they are currently working on around the world. The key message was the importance of combining technology with partnerships to achieve positive results in each project.

All our efforts for TECH4ALL have been made possible by the combination of partnerships and technology,” said Jeffrey ZhouIn his opening remarks, the President of ICT Marketing at Huawei made a few words.

Huawei has worked with customers, governments, research institutions, international organizations and NGOs, since the launch of this initiative in 2019 to ensure that the digital technology’s social value is as wide-ranging as possible.

Driving equity and quality education

In order to drive inclusion and build sustainable futures, the TECH4ALL Education projects have reached so far 220,000 beneficiaries worldwide. Priority beneficiaries include remote and rural communities, underserved populations, women and girls as well as unemployed youth, persons with disabilities, elderly people, K12 students, and teachers.

YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, during the roundtable discussion, shared its vision of how technology-based supports platforms empower early career teachers in rural regions by providing online courses to build their professional capability and confidence.

“The greatest progress is the growth of people.” We’d love to work with Huawei on improving rural education by using technology in the future. Hui LingYouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation Secretary General

Conserving Nature through Technology

TECH4ALL has helped manage natural resources and conserve biodiversity in 46 protected areas around the world. This includes 5 pilot projects that are part of the Tech4Nature Partnership, which was established in 2020 by Huawei and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

“When we speak about biodiversity and conservation of areas, technology is a real help to us. It can assist in monitoring, strengthening reporting and achieving biodiversity, climate change and conservation area targets,” said Khalid PashaAsia Coordinator, IUCN Asia Regional Office

C Minds, the TECH4ALL-partner company, presented on the roundtable. Mexico Tech4Nature project. Launched in May 2022 The project, in collaboration with IUCN and C Minds, as well as other local partners is harnessing AI and community-centered approaches to protect biodiversity, including the North American jaguar, which is endangered, within the Dzilam State Reserve.

The use of technologies allows conservation to be scaled up to unprecedented levels. We were able, in this instance, to get the results that years of manual tagging, data interpretation, and collaborations had produced in less than one year. It allows for a transparent and measurable impact. Regina Cervera PachecoC Minds’ Project Coordinator.

Rural Development – Using ICT

ITU-D was also present to provide an update on the Smart Village Pakistan Project. Launched as January 2023This project model increases the impact of SDGs in remote villages by increasing the last-mile accessibility. It also provides them with digital services such as eHealth, eEducation, and eCommerce with the aim of improving their quality of life and opportunities.

Pakistan ITU has launched its first smart village programme Asia Pacific Smart Villages and Smart Islands. We are proud to be partnering with Government of Pakistan Huawei is also involved in this. Pilots of this kind can also attract new partners who may bring even greater changes. “I would like to thank everyone involved in making this a great success.” He said Ashish NarayanProgramme Coordinator at ITU Regional Office Asia Pacific.

With the TECH4ALL partners at the media roundtable clearly showing what working together with common goals can achieve in practice, Huawei hopes to continue enabling inclusion and sustainability through innovative technologies and long-term partnerships.

What Huawei TECH4ALL is all about

Huawei’s long term digital inclusion initiative is TECH4ALL. TECH4ALL, enabled by innovative technologies and partnership, is designed to promote inclusion and sustainability in digital world.

Please visit the Huawei TECH4ALL site for more details.

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