Jamie Foxx’s Friends and Family “Prepare for the Worst”, Following Medical Emergency

According to reports, Jamie FoxxFriends and family of’s are “preparing the worst” after his medical crisis. While in Atlanta last month filming his new film Back in Action With co-star Cameron Diaz the actor experienced a medical issue off set. Foxx’s family did not reveal what exactly happened, but provided updates to indicate that the actor’s condition was improving.

Doctors continue to monitor Jamie Foxx despite reports that his condition is improving. Foxx has been the subject of many theories due to the lack of updates and information. One report said that Foxx’s condition was dire when he entered the hospital April 12 and noted an unnamed source saying, “But he wouldn’t be in a hospital this long if he was anything close to okay. His family and friends are hoping for a miracle but prepared for the worst.

This week was a busy one for the earliest part of this week. Jamie Foxx’s official Instagram account shared a post Thanking fans for their support. The message read: “Thanks for all the love!!! Feeling Blessed” followed by the fox emoji.

Watch this space for updates on Jamie Foxx’s health.

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