Gary Squirms and Swerves as Daisy and Colin Keep Calm and Kiss On

After learning of an unexpected hookup between friend Colin MacRae and former fling Daisy Kelliher, ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ star Gary King tried to act cool — but his denials weren’t fooling anyone

Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

The Gary doth protest too much!

On Monday night’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae both checked in with Gary King after their unexpected makeout session — and as is fitting for Bravo’s soap opera on the high seas, Gary kept the drama swirling by changing his answer depending who asked.

To his friend and former wingman Colin, Gary mostly said “No” — as in “No, I’m not mad,” and, “No, I don’t have feelings for Daisy.” In fact, Gary’s knee-jerk denials hit a grand total of 19 times (often in rapid-fire staccato) that he told Colin he was not just not upset that Colin had kissed Daisy (Gary’s hot tub hookup partner last season) — but, he insisted, he was actually “quite happy” about it.

After Gary laid it on a little too thick, telling Colin, “I would love you guys to date,” the Chief Engineer called out the dissembling in a confessional interview: “What he’s telling me is there’s a green light. But what his face is telling me is another thing.”

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To Daisy, Gary sang a different tune.

“Maybe there’s a little bit of jealousy there,” he admitted, before saying, “Maybe I’m a coward in that sense. And I’m too scared to see what your reaction’s gonna be, so I’m happy to tell everyone else [I like you] because that’s how I feel, and I’m just too scared to tell you.”

She told him straight: “This kind of bothers me — like, you can’t even tell me that you have feelings for me?”

In a confessional, she wondered, “What f—ing warped zone am I in right now? I can’t believe he realized he has feelings for me now that he’s seeing me with someone else. I mean, come on. I think Gary’s upset that I’m not his backup. It’s so f—ing annoying.”

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Laurent Basset/Bravo (2)

Laurent Basset/Bravo (2)

Gary then implicitly blames Daisy for pushing him away: “I couldn’t pursue you because I thought my chances weren’t there — especially when you tell me to stay away from you. I was heartbroken by that comment, really. We didn’t really explore get to that, you know?”

“We don’t get to explore it because you’re in a relationship with my roommate,” Daisy shot back, referring to stewardess Madison “Mads” Herrera.

Gary told Daisy to “f— off” with that comment, but she responded, “Gary, I don’t know what you want me to tell you. After you kissed Madison, you want to come over to me and see which one you have more chemistry with?”

Back came the chorus of “No. No, no, no” from Gary.

Daisy had the facts on her side, though, telling him: “I kissed Colin last night, and we’re three weeks into the season. You’ve been hooking up with Madison for the last three weeks.”

“Yeah, OK, well sweet,” Gary said, fleeing at the first chance when deckhand Chase Lemacks obliviously interrupted their tense conversation.

In a confessional interview, Gary was noticeably squirmy and said something curious: “I think that sexual tension between Daisy and I is always going to be there until we have sex, um, again — no, I’m joking!”

Or was he? More on that shortly…

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Meeting up later on the deck, Colin told Daisy they should “obviously keep it professional — none of this PDA s— in front of all the crew.” But she was feeling flirty then, and the pair couldn’t resist getting cuddly the next night, exchanging a chaste peck on the cheek that before he headed off to bed as she finished up with the guests.

Daisy also went to visit Colin in the engine room the following day, and they shared a few more smooches — these one witness firsthand by Gary, who about-faced instantly at the sight of his best friend and former fling getting so close.

At the start of the episode, Colin echoed a sentiment Daisy has shared since the season’s aired and news of their hookup has come to light — their attraction had been simmering for a while.

“Daisy and I have always been flirty,” he said. “I’ve had girlfriends the last two seasons, so nothing was acted on or even really thought about. In all honesty, I kind of feel like it was a matter of time in some ways. But yeah, it’s still surprising. I don’t know what’s going through Daisy’s head right now, but I’m pickin’ up what she’s puttin’ down.”

For her part, Daisy blushed as she admitted in a confessional interview: “Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of sexual energy there.”

Of course, as the midseason teaser showed, that won’t stop Gary from getting up to his old tricks — including dropping a bomb in a later conversation with Daisy: “Having sex with you was f—ing amazing.”

This comes in response to her telling him: “You f—ing could have had me a million times over, and you didn’t want me. Now that you can’t have me, now you f—ing want me.”

Given that the pair had clearly agreed prior to this season’s filming to keep the level of their physical intimacy under wraps, the news proves a shock to Colin himself, who says: “The chemistry that they have, the way they look at each other, I thought it was all friends. It all makes sense now!”

And so Daisy is caught on the point of this love triangle, eventually exploding at both Colin and Gary: “You’re both f—ing with my head. I want you both out of my f—ing head.”

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