Google will default to blurring explicit images when searching

Today is Safer Internet Day Google This is how we are marking the occasion revealing features It was designed to make it easier to use the internet. The company claims that it will make explicit images disappear from search results in the next months as a default setting for all users, even if they don’t have them. SafeSearch Switched on. Sign-in users below the age of 18 can use SafeSearch filtering.

You can change the settings if your account is not supervised or you aren’t signed in and you prefer to see only what you search for (the filter was designed to allow you to). blur violent images You can also use it. Google shared screenshots indicating that blur settings will hide explicit images but not text or hyperlinks. The filter setting covers all three.

Three screenshots of Google SafeSearch settings. The first reads

Three screenshots showing Google SafeSearch settings. The first is the most important.

Google is currently adding an additional layer of protection for the internet. built-in password manager On Chrome and Android. According to Google, if the user is using a supported computer, they will be able to request biometric authentication before entering a password into a form. Google also noted that users can use the feature to “securely disclose, copy or edit passwords” stored in the password manager. They don’t have to enter their main password.

The company also stated that it’s improving privacy protections in Google App for iOS. Face ID will soon allow you to secure the app to keep prying eyes from your data.

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