Hailey Bieber’s New “Cinnamon Cookie Butter” Fall Hair Color Was Inspired by TikTok

Can you believe that fall is almost here? Saying goodbye to the warm weather can be tough, but a fresh autumn glam transformation can help you get in the mood for the new season. When it comes to hair, Hailey Bieber has been a huge source of inspiration for many of the girlies over the last few years. She’s been at the top of seasonal trends, and her latest hair revamp, “Cinnamon Cookie Butter,” is one to watch. “Glazed Donut” skin and nails and “Strawberry Girl” Makeup are just a couple of other trends she’s been leading lately — so why not take a cue from HB and switch up your hair for the last hurrah of summer leading into Fall?

Bieber’s hairstylist Matt Rez took to Instagram to reveal her newly colored bob. The Rhode founder has traded in her expensive brunette tresses for a creamier, warmer chestnut brown with a dash of brown-red cinnamon. “We named it cinnamon cookie butter,” Rez captioned the post. But, how the star may have taken inspo from “regular” girlies to arrive at her new shade. TikToker @kylaleelee shared in a video that after the star liked her hair video two days before the change and the resemblance isn’t a convenience… or is it? “Hailey Bieber liked two of my TikToks recently,” Kyla shared. “One of them being the 360 I posted and yesterday she posted a selfie to Instagram of her new hair color. And what are the chances of that?

Whoever created the “Cinnamon Cookie Butter” tone was a pure color genius, as this universal shade will be a hit at all the salons these next few weeks.

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