Here are 3 questions readers had about Evergy’s new time-based rates — and our answers

Evergy is touting its new time-based electricity rates everywhere from billboards on the highway to fliers in your mailbox.

Missouri customers have a choice between four new rate plans to suit their electricity use habits.

Here’s the big takeaway: All four plans charge a premium for electricity used between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays. And they all offer a discount on electricity used between midnight and 6 a.m. every day.

The utility giant’s Missouri customers will see a switch to these new rate plans starting this fall whether they like it or not — state regulators earlier this year removed the option to opt-out.

We’ve heard from some readers with questions ahead of the big change: Where do these new rates apply? Are there any exceptions? And what will happen to those on special billing plans?

Under the new time-of-use rates, can I still have an average payment plan?

The Average Payment Plan will still be available under the new time-of-use rates program.

This plan allows customers to pay roughly the same amount each month rather than seeing their bills fluctuate due to their electricity use habits changing during different times of the year. The company calculates these bills based on your last 12 months of electricity use.

Customers can currently choose any time-of-use rate plan — or get switched onto one automatically this fall — and maintain their enrollment in the Average Payment Plan program, Evergy spokesperson Courtney Lewis told The Star.

But she added that if you manually switched onto a time-of-use plan before Thursday, Aug. 24, you will need to contact Evergy to re-enroll in an Average Payment Plan.

You can do so through your online account portal or by calling 888-471-5275 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Are the time-of-use rates for Missouri residents only?

Only Evergy’s Missouri customers will see a mandatory switch to time-of-use rates this fall.

Evergy’s Missouri Metro customers will see the switch begin Oct. 1,

Missouri West customers will be switched starting on Nov. 1. You can check which region you belong to through your online account or on the map below:

Evergy, formerly Westar Energy and KCP&L, has four service areas across Kansas and Missouri.

Evergy, formerly Westar Energy and KCP&L, has four service areas across Kansas and Missouri.

“We encourage customers to choose their new rate plan by October 1,” Lewis told The Star. “All customers will be moved to a default time-based rate by the end of the year.”

For most Missouri customers, this default rate will be the “Standard Peak Saver” plan. This plan charges high premiums during peak hours in the summer, but doesn’t charge peak prices in the winter.

However, customers can still switch to a different plan at any time.

If you need help deciding which one to choose, Evergy’s online rate comparison tool estimates your yearly bill under each plan based on your past electricity usage.

In Kansas, Evergy currently offers only one time-of-use rate plan. This plan isn’t mandatory, and customers will not be switched to it automatically — but they can opt in at any time on Evergy’s website.

What if Evergy says I do not qualify for a time-of-use plan?

Not everyone will be placed on a time-of-use plan: There are a few exceptions.

Lewis told The Star that some customers on special plans, like a subscription to solar energy or a net metering agreement that can both buy electricity from and sell electricity to Evergy’s power grid, will not be eligible for all four time-of-use rates.

Instead, they will only be able to access the Peak Reward Saver rate, which most closely mimics the flat rate customers see now.

Missouri customers who have opted out of electric AMI meters, also called “smart meters,” won’t be placed on a time-of-use plan this fall. Instead, they will continue to be charged under the current “flat” rate plan and continue to pay additional meter reading charges.

Evergy’s “all-electric” plan, which was designed to keep bills low for customers with all electric appliances and heating, will disappear this fall.

A study commissioned by the company predicts that those with electric heating could see bill increases in the winter months.

Missouri customers already on a time-of-use rate plan will see no change — their current plan will just be renamed to the Nights and Weekends Saver plan, which offers big discounts on electricity used overnight and on the weekends.

These customers can still switch between the four new rate options whenever they want.

Hover over a color below to see the electricity rates each plan will charge an average customer during different times of the day, month and year:

Do you have more questions about Evergy’s new time-of-use rate plans in Missouri? Ask the Service Journalism team at [email protected].

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