“I am not doing well”

Like us all, The View Moderator Whoopi Goldberg is tired — Very, very tired — of daylight saving time.

Oscar-winning Ghost The actress started a live segment of the show with a funny rant about how she set her clock forward for the weekend.

“So, I’m trying to wake up. I’m sorry. I still panic about daylight saving time. She said, “I am not doing well,” as her cohosts tried to explain the reason for the time-jumping maneuver. “They don’t have to do that. It’s dark. Did you notice how dark it was at 7 a.m. this morning?

Whoopi Goldberg at The View

ABC Whoopi Goldberg, “The View”

Sunny Hostin The theory is that daylight saving time aids farmers in regulating their chicken flock.

Hostin stated that chickens produce less eggs if they have more sunlight. Goldberg replied, “That’s all great and stuff for farming. But, why should I have to deal the chickens going through?”

Joy Behar Also, it is beneficial to have children attend school during daylight hours.

“The children need to go school, and they want them to go there in the light. But it isn’t light. Goldberg stated that it was still dark at 7:15 p.m., and it was insane. “It’s crabby. It’s just me.

She concluded the conversation by stressing that it was all a joke.

“I said that I was crazy, so please don’t get crazy. We are having fun,” she stated. “Every time I say something, they go crazy in the news!”

The View Weekdays continue at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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