“I have a Tootsie inside my mouth”

This episode of The View There is a sweetness to it.

A live broadcast was previously started by announcing that she just sat on her glasses, Oscar-winning actress. Whoopi Goldberg The long-running talk show began Thursday’s episode with a special surprise.

“Hello, and welcome to The View. Do not be concerned about me, I have a Tootsie. [Roll] “In my mouth,” the 67 year-old said, while chewing at the top.

Whoopi Goldberg, The View

ABC Whoopi Goldberg started “The View” by eating a Tootsie Roll.

Goldberg also stated that she was “in a mood for a little sweetness” right before heading out to set.

The Great Tootsie Roll Reveal 2023 is a continuation of Goldberg’s earlier revelations that she had broken her eyes in an unfortunate accident.

On the February 1 episode, she stated that “I must tell you that my glasses were broken yesterday.” “I wear glasses that are probably 4 years old. [squinting], that’s why. I just wanted y’all to know there’s nothing wrong — I just sat on the glasses, not paying a bit of attention to where my big behind was going. Just, Click.”

The View Weekdays, continue at 11 a.m. ABC.

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