Iain Lee announces his retirement from radio and a career change

Iain Lee has decided to retire from being a counsellor. (Getty Images)

Iain Lee Has announced his retirement from broadcasting in order to become a full-time counsellor.

The comedian and presenter at 49 years old – who was also the centre of a bullying row He appeared on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! In 2017, Jack FM’s radio station Jack FM fired him, claiming he was tired of broadcasting.

Lee tweeted: “Hey everyone! A bit of news, just a few weeks back I gave my notice to Jack FM. I don’t know how much time I have left, but it could be as little as this tweet. I didn’t have a podcast producer, or my daily best bits. It just wasn’t working.

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It’s made me realize I don’t want radio work anymore, so I’m declaring my retirement. I will be focusing full-time on my counselling work. Of course, there are exceptions.

He stated, “I’ve been in this business for 30 years and it’s really tiring. Now, on to better and more adventurous adventures. It was fun, thank you radio.

The father-of-2 said that he will continue voiceover work and the occasional gig on 4 Extra.

He continued, “I’ll still take offers, but I won’t chase them.”

In 2018 Lee saved a man from taking his own life when he called into his radio show.

In September 2020, he began to study to be a counselor.

Iain Lee took part in I'm A Celebrity in 2017. (ITV)

Iain Lee was a participant in I’m A Celebrity 2017, 2017. (ITV)

The former star of The 11 O’Clock Show and presenter of Channel 4 breakfast show RI:SE was one of the original line-up of presenters on talkRADIO when it launched in 2016, before leaving in 2020.

In July 2022, he joined Jack FM radio station as the host of the morning show.

Lee is married to Helena Wilkinson, a journalist. They have two sons together. They divorced in 2018.

He admitted to using drugs again after being sober for 13 years. He admitted that he had broken another two-and-a half years of sobriety through the use of cocaine in September 2020.

Comedian and Absolute Radio personality Iain Lee comperes the Teenage Cancer Trust Concert at the Royal Albert Hall on March 24, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Matt Kent/Redferns)

Pictured in 2009: Iain Lee. He started his career doing stand-up comedy. (Getty Images)

2019 he came out as bisexual.

Lee admitted on talkRadio that he was 46 years old and is now coming out. It makes me scared.

A bullying row also erupted with the TV star Rebekah Vardy After they appeared together on I’m A Celebrity.

Lee suggested that Vardy made him feel unhappy and isolated during their time in the camp.

Vardy said, “Edited TV appears a certain way.” I have nothing to negative about him.”

Iain Lee with Rebekah Vardy in the I'm A Celebrity jungle. (ITV)

Iain Lee and Rebekah Vardy are in the I’m A Celebrity jungle. (ITV)

Lee tweeted A screengrab of the interview shows: “So @RebekahVardy saying she didn’t bully me, because ‘edited TV seems a certain’.

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“They can only edit your words and actions. If I was bullied, you don’t have the right to speak up. You made my life miserable in the jungle.”

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