Jets affirm their commitment to Aaron Rodgers’ trade.

Robert Saleh, Coach, said Zach Wilson would be his number one. 2 quarterback and general manager Joe Douglas confirmed he isn’t thinking about Lamar Jackson as a backup option during League Meetings in Phoenix on Monday.

Also, this means that the New York Jets reiterated their strong commitment in trading for Aaron Rodgers (current Green Bay Packers quarterback).

Wilson is the starter and there are no switches to make it a trade. Mike Garafolo from NFL Network said as much: There is no “Plan B” for the Jets right now. It’s all Aaron Rodgers.

Now, it’s on the Packers and Jets to get the trade completed.

Saleh and Douglas were both confident that a deal would be reached, but they disagreed with the urgency of getting it done. A lack of a hard deadline complicates the issue, especially for a deal with as many factors – compensation and money, namely – involved in this one.

The Jets need to strike a delicate balance between Rodgers wanting to stay in New York and Rodgers wanting to stay in New York. However, they also have to maintain leverage in trade talks against the Packers. The Packers want premium compensation for Rodgers.

One thing is clear: the Jets are operating as if Rodgers will be the team’s quarterback in 2024.

Can Brian Gutekunst and Douglas be able to make progress during league meetings on the finalization of the trade? Or will negotiations drag on until April or right up to draft time? The Jets don’t seem in a hurry, but the team is certain of its path.

Story originally appeared on Packers Wire

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