Lizzo Cancels Show Due to Fever and Chills: It’s ‘Getting Worse’

GettyImages-1486928145 - Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

GettyImages-1486928145 – Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Truth hurts Lizzo won’t be able to perform in Montreal Thursday. The musician announced on Instagram that she would have to postpone the show that evening due to an illness.

“Montreal I’m so sorry but I physically cannot do the show. I promise we will honor your tickets,” Lizzo The caption was placed alongside a video showing her wearing a mask and hiding under a blanket.

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“I had a sore throat last night and a headache, and I went to bed. I woke up this morning and my body is weak and I have chills, and my head hurts,” Lizzo said. “Normally, if it’s just a cold, I’d shower, I’d eat, take some medicine and it gets better. But this is getting worse.”

Lizzo said she thinks it’s the flu, and emphasized this is only the second time in her career she’s canceled a show due to health. She added on Twitter that her fever was over 100 degrees.

“I have to make the unfortunate decision to cancel today… I will make it up to you Montreal,” she said. “I’m so sorry.”

Lizzo had been scheduled to perform Thursday at the Bell Centre in Montreal. She’s also scheduled to hit the stage in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday, and it’s unclear if she’ll be able to perform at that scheduled show.

“As per doctor’s orders, Lizzo is unable to perform tonight at the Bell Centre,” the release from Evenko, the event organizer, told CBC. “More details will be announced soon for the new date.”

The singer is halfway through her third leg. Special Tour and has stops scheduled through June 2 in the U.S. She’ll head to Australia and New Zealand in July, before stopping in Japan on July 30 for the end of her tour.

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