Mike Pompeo says America needs serious conservative candidates

Former Secretary of state Mike Pompeo declared Sunday that the nation must move beyond celebrities as presidential candidates in comments that appeared to be directed directly at former President Donald Trump.

Pompeo, while not specifically referring to Trump, said on Fox News Sunday: “The moment of celebrity, the moment of stars is not with us.” It is the time for America’s conservative founding.

Pompeo stated that he was discussing recent comments about his ideal president. They don’t criticize it, they’re certainly not wasting their time with whoppers, and they’re not wasting all of their time on Twitter. That’s who I was talking to.”

Shannon Bream, host, pressed Pompeo and said that Pompeo’s description of the White House people he did not want was a lot like Trump, his former boss.

“It’s about the former President Trump. It’s about President Biden. It’s about America and getting it right,” Pompeo replied, before telling Bream that he wasn’t “dodging” her question.

He also stated that he would decide in “the next couple of months” whether or not to run.

Pompeo is among a group of prominent Republicans considered potential challengers to President Obama for the 2024 GOP Nomination.

Former South Carolina Governor. Nikki Haley has joined the race as well as Vivek Rajaswamy (entrepreneur), who are also possible entrants. Ron DeSantis of South Carolina and Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina are possible candidates. Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Sunday, he stated that he would not enter the race.

Pompeo also discussed current international crises as well as the origins of Covid-19. However, he did state that he believed he could do better in the presidency than the recent holders of the highest office in the country when it comes fiscal policy and government debt.

He said that a President Pompeo, or any conservative president, would do better than us during the four years of Trump’s administration. Shannon, the list of people who come to Washington with one theory is endless. They aren’t willing to share their true beliefs with the American people.

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