What are the odds of Victor Wembanyama landing in certain places? How can you watch him on TV?

The NBA Draft in 2023 has been the most anticipated draft ever since 2003. Cleveland Cavaliers Choose your own LeBron James The No. 1 overall pick. With the No. Victor Wembanyama, the 7-foot-4 French phenom, is the best prospect to hit the NBA since James, and he’s projected as a generational talent who could change the trajectory of any team that lands the No. 1 pick. Many teams moved this past offseason to get Wembanyama.

Yahoo Sports examines the teams who have the best chance of drafting the French prospect. It also takes a look at how the draft lottery is conducted and what other top prospects are available after Wembanyama.

Here’s everything viewers need to know about NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday night.

Date, time and how to watch the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery

The NBA Draft Lottery 2023 will be held at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday on ESPN. The McCormick Place Convention Center will host the lottery. Chicago.

The NBA Draft Lottery

NBA deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum will announce the draft results live, with the results being announced in order of decreasing numbers. Prior to the broadcast, the actual lottery to determine picks 1 through 4 takes place in a separate room with NBA officials and representatives of participating teams, select media and the accounting firm Ernst & Young, which oversees the drawings.

A representative from the league will randomly choose four balls to reveal a four number combination. The total number of combinations is 1,001, and 1,000 are assigned to each team. If the same four-ball combinations are drawn by the same lottery team more than one time, the result will be discarded.

The remaining picks will be ranked in reverse order based on their win/loss records.

Metropolitans 92 forward Victor Wembanyama during the game against the NBA G League Ignite at The Dollar Loan Center in Henderson, Nevada, on Oct. 4, 2022. The NBA Draft Lottery will be held Tuesday to determine which team lands the No. 1 overall pick and the right to select Wembanyama in June. (Lucas Peltier/USA TODAY Sports)

Metropolitans 92 forward Victor Wembanyama in action against the NBA G League iGnite at The Dollar Loan Center, Henderson, Nevada on October 4, 2022. The NBA Draft Lottery is scheduled for Tuesday. This will determine which team receives the No. Wembanyama is the first overall pick, and will have that right in June. (Lucas Peltier/USA TODAY Sports)

What are the odds that you will be the No. Odds of winning the No.

The 14 teams which did not make it to the playoffs will have the chance to win the No. Depending on their records during the regular season, they have a chance to land the No. Here are the odds of each team in the lottery based on how they ended the regular season. The teams with the lowest records are the ones seeded first in the draft lottery.

1. Detroit Pistons: 14 combinations of 14%
2. Houston Rockets: 140 combinations of 14%
3. San Antonio Spurs: 14% of 140 combinations
4. Charlotte Hornets: 12.5% for 125 combinations
5. Portland Trail Blazers: 10%, 105 combinations
6. Orlando Magic: 9% of 90 combinations
7. Indiana Pacers: 7.5% on 75 combinations
8. Washington Wizards: 6% for 60 combinations
9. Utah Jazz: 4.5% for 45 combinations
10. Dallas Mavericks: 30 combinations at 3%
11. Orlando Magic (via Chicago Bulls): 2% of 20 combinations
12. Oklahoma City Thunder: 15.0%, 15 combinations
13. Toronto Raptors: 10%, 10 combinations
14. New Orleans Pelicans: 5% on 5 combinations

NBA Draft Lottery Live Draw

Who is Victor Wembanyama

The 7-foot-4 center is currently playing for the Metropolitans 92 in the French Betclic Élite league where he is leading all players in points (21.8), rebounds (10.3) and blocks (3.1) per game. Wembanyama has the ability to handle the ball like a defender, shoot from distance and can block. does things on the court that no other player in the world can do right now. Wembanyama’s NBA Comparison is a mix between Kevin Durant The following are some examples of how to get started: Rudy Gobert On offense, he has a great shooting technique. He also protects the rim well and re-directs shots when defending.

NBA Draft: Top players to be selected

Scoot Henderson

Henderson, a 6-3 guard with a good frame, is the best in the draft. He played two seasons in the G League with Ignite, where he dominated competitions at 19 years of age. Henderson averaged 16.5 points and 6.50 assists per game during the last season. went head-to-head with Wembanyama in October When he impressed all NBA team scouts and executives in the arena.

Brandon Miller

Miller, who is 6-9 and a wing, won the SEC Player of Year award as well as the SEC Freshman Award during his only season at Alabama. He averaged 18,8 points, 8.2 rebounds and 38.4% 3-point shooting on 7 attempts. Miller’s length, skill and defensive versatility are all off the charts, but there’s more. a major off-court issue. Both Henderson and Miller could be selected at No. It depends on which team gets the second pick.

Amen Thompson

Thompson, who is an athletic guard with a burst of speed in transition and a first step to the wings, averaged 16.4 pts. The 6-7-inch guard has a better ball-handling ability than his twin, Ausar. He also makes more informed decisions when he is going downhill.

Ausar Thompson

Ausar, a tough defender that can play all positions in the perimeter, is the best shot blocker of this draft class. Thompson averaged 16,3 points and 7,1 rebounds per game in the Overtime Elite campaign. Although his 3-point shot is an area that needs improvement, he improved over his previous season with OTE. Ausar has played on and off the ball throughout his career, but he is most comfortable on the wing.

NBA Draft time and place

The NBA Draft is scheduled for June 22nd at 8pm ET. ESPN will broadcast the NBA Draft live from New York’s Barclays Center at 8 p.m. ET.

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