Paul Rudd Still Allows Only Murders to Screen Time With Idol Steve Martin: “How Lucky Am I?”

Paul Rudd He was thankful for his lucky stars when joined the cast of Only Murders in the Building.

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, the 53-year-old actor — who stars in the next Marvel installment Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania — says he was excited to sign onto the hit Hulu series “specifically because of the three people”: Steve Martin, Martin Short new cast member Meryl Streep.

He recalls that he came in and saw Meryl Streep. She is the most famous actress of all time. Martin Short, one of the funniest people in the world, and someone I love deeply, is Martin Short.

Rudd plays Ben Glenroy, the big-time actor, on the series. Rudd continued: “And to be there, Steve Martin, when i think back on people who probably had greater an impact on mine and my desire to do that or my understanding of performing or any other career someone would have, it’s him.”

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Paul Rudd rollout

Michael Schwartz Paul Rudd

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Rudd believes Martin’s acting career has had a significant impact on his life. He adds, “It’s more consequential than any other person ever in history.”

He says, “And so, one, keep that cool, and just ignore it so I can get through this day is one.” “But to also acknowledge it, and then say, “Wow! How lucky am I?” “Now I’m in it with him.”

He says, “This kind of thing doesn’t really happen in your life.” “It has happened in mine.”

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Surprise! Meryl Streep Joins Only Murders in the Building Season 3 as Steve Martin Reveals Filming Has Begun

Surprise! Surprise!

Steve Martin/instagram Only Murders are allowed in the Building Cast

Rudd is grateful beyond words to be a part the third season This is Only Murders are allowed in the Building These are the other three. Selena GomezSharing: “It is a special place. I could tell, I could sense it. It’s such an amazing group of people. It’s also just really fun to be there.”

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Rudd actually kept one of the keepsakes from the set as a reminder of his experience. the mystery series.

“I was working in the background.” Only Murders are allowed in the BuildingI had my dialogue, my sheets that were printed out, highlighted and worked on, along with my notes. I often throw away that stuff,” he said. “But as I was leaving, I noticed that they were still in my room. I thought that I would just take them back and keep them as a memento from my time on this show. Everyone on it is a huge fan and I want to always remember.”

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