Pink recalls writing ‘Who Knew?’ about Friends’ Overdose Deaths, and sings the hit with Kelly Clarkson

Pink I look back at the 2006 hit, “Who Knew,” that was inspired by the tragic deaths many close friends.

Monday’s episode The Kelly Clarkson ShowThe 43-year-old singer/songwriter shared the story of how she wrote the lyrics for “Who Knew” following the deaths of two friends. She also talked about the new meaning the song has acquired since its release. I’m not dead album.

Pink stated that she had lost many friends to overdose. The second was very dear to me and I loved him very deeply. Kelly Clarkson This song was written by Sekou about his friend, who overdosed on heroin when they were teenagers.

“But what I love most about the song is the fact that it never gets old to be performed, even after all these years. It has taken on many meanings throughout the years. At one time, it was about my grandmother. The Grammy winner said that it was about her dog. “I have lost people so it is always sort of new in my heart.”

Clarkson, 40 years old, said that it was “sucking” to suffer so much loss.

Pink replied, “But music is necessary for that.” “Music is what I need to get through my emotions, and it helps me to numb down.”

P!NK & Kelly Clarkson Duet 'Who Knew'

P!NK & Kelly Clarkson Duet ‘Who Knew’

The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube Pink and Kelly Clarkson

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The American Idol She agreed to her and Justin Derrico, an Acoustic Guitar player, joined them for a casual duet rendition of “Who Knew,” which reached Number. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 immediately after its initial release.

“If someone said something three years hence / You’d have long gone / I would stand up and punch them all out/’Cause they are all wrong,” sang the harmony of the powerful vocalists. “I know better” / ‘Cause your words are forever / And always / Who knew?

Fans took to the comments section underneath the YouTube clip of the duet to express their love of Pink and Clarkson — and call for a collaboration between the two.

One viewer commented that Kelly can sing with anyone but “Even though Kelly is capable of singing with almost anybody, there’s an extraordinary tonal quality in their harmonys that’s remarkable.” I hope that collabs like these will lead to an album or at the very least, a few singles.

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A clip of the episode was released last week and shows the pair singing Pink’s 2017 song “What About Us”. They also talk about the inspiration behind its powerful lyrics.

The acrobatic pop star said, “We are not listening to one another right now, it’s so loud. It’s so gross. and angry.” “And people have been forgotten, people are being counted and their rights are being violated just because someone doesn’t believe them.”

Pink said, “I don’t get why so many people in the world are dismissed because one group decided they don’t like that. And I won’t have it.” My dad taught us that our voices mattered and that we can make a difference. That was one of the most important lessons I learned.

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