Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins Preview Major Power Shifts — Plus, Did Juliette Just Learn How to [Spoiler]?

Here are spoilers for episode 3 of SiloApple TV + now offers a streaming version of..

There’s a new sheriff in town on Apple TV+’s SiloThe subterranean structure, despite the fact that her generator is purring, will be more rumbling than ever during this unlikely power shift.

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The first stretch of Episode 3 chronicled Mayor Jahns’ long trek to Mechanics, with Deputy Marnes at her side, and her laying witness to Juliette’s fearless demeanor. When Jahns relayed the late Holston’s wish that Juliette succeed him as sheriff, the engineer politely-ish declined. But when Juliette saw what had been scratched onto the back of the sheriff’s star that Holston left for her — “TRUST” — she realized it was the message he had promised, signaling that something rotten indeed befell her secret beau George.

Juliette, however, had a condition. Before she could leave behind the generator, she must fix it. And that means shutting it down — and blanketing the silo in darkness — for hours. Jahns agreed and informed the residents of the blackout. Juliette was given only 30 minutes to fix it before the steam valve blew up. Cooper was given the task of completing the generator repair. Juliette, however, bought a little more time for them by climbing into the steam reservoir to hose down the valve that had become overheated. Juliette, who was as unfamiliar with swimming as anyone else in the silo, nearly drowned when she climbed down into the steam reservoir and hosed the overheated valve.

So… You can also find out more about the following: Juliette, can you teach her to do a doggie paddle in a hurry? It was because she could use this ability to overcome the intimidating, massive body of water George discovered at the bottom.

“I mean, that could Then, you can really get to know each other. come in handy in the future…,” Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Juliette, acYou can learn more about this by clicking here.ledged to TVLine with a smile. “Who knows!”

Ferguson went on to note that Juliette’s near-drowning “was one of the trickier scenes to do, because if you know how to swim, your body automatically goes into a motion of knowing how to kick.” Silo residents such as Juliette, however, “have no perception of mass and don’t know what a room filled with water is, so it was interesting to play that.”

Silo Mayor Dies

Silo Mayor Dies

Fact is, though Juliette came out the ordeal a bit waterlogged, the job got done — and that clears the path for her to serve as sheriff. In a last and frightful turn of events, Marnes, Jahns, and the mayor were about to resume their canoodling that began during the blackout, when the mayor collapsed, bleeding from the mouth, in her bathroom.

If Juliette’s stint as sheriff wasn’t already set to be tested by opposition from the likes of Judicial and even Deputy Marnes, having her No. The situation could worsen if her No. And the withdrawn engineer wasn’t any kind of  people person to begin with.

“What I really like about [Juliette], and love, is that when we meet her in the beginning she is this introvert, a really hard person who has so much trauma in her life,” Ferguson says. “And when she’s taken out of her comfort zone and is put, or accepts to be put, in another room where she’s ‘Bambi on ice,’ we see her gradual acceptance of the characters around her, which she has never dealt with before.”

In the episodes ahead, “There are moments where she’s being met with harshness and she doesn’t know how to meet it, so she just meets harsh with harsh and gradually she has to realize that that’s not going to get her anywhere,” Ferguson previews. “She has to win people’s love, but she doesn’t know how to do that.”

Silo Bernard

Silo Bernard

Given how Bernard, for one, audibly scoffed when Mayor Jahns first floated the idea of Juliette as sheriff (“She’s a thief,” he snarled), you might expect the powerful IT department chief to prove to be a roadblock.

But as portrayer Tim Robbins hinted to TVLine, “Bernard is cool with her being the sheriff — but I can’t tell you the reason why. It has to do with something that is revealed much later… let’s just say that yes, he is cool with her being sheriff.”

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