These are the 30 best gifts for runners, from lightweight shoes to muscle massagers.

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There’s this idea that running is a sport that you can just get up and go with little to no gear required. But any runner worth their salt knows this isn’t true. As my own running practice has developed over the years, I’ve watched my quiver of running shoes They can grow up to a couple of pairs by themselves. At this point, they could easily fill their closet. Then there’s the need for winter running gear if you’re in a cold climate. You also need things like hydration belts recovery equipment if you’re getting serious about training for marathons and such. There’s also the matter of wanting to keep up with the trends in shorts, shirts and what all the coolest runners are wearing these days. Also, what runner wouldn’t want a truly extravagant in-home infrared sauna to aid in the recovery of those tired legs? I sure do.

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As you’ll see, there is actually a whole wide world of gifts for the runner in your life. Here’s the starting line.

Best for Trail Runners

Norda has earned fans around the world for its seamless, lightweight trail runners, inspired by the tough conditions of Canada and crafted from bio-based Dyneema, the world’s lightest and strongest shoe material. This exclusive collaborative edition of Norda’s classic 001 shoe with long-distance adventure runner Ray Zahab will score you serious brownie points with the runner in your life.

Buy Now on Ssense: $285

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $295

Best Running Shorts

The shorts are only 4 inches in length, but they’re super lightweight. They also have the design skills that every runner will love, including a builtin liner, ventilated elastic waistbands, comfortable four way stretch and a personality that isn’t too overdone.

Buy Now on Fourlaps: $78

Best Recovery Aid for Runners

These capsules provide a great boost to muscle repair and recovery after running. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, CBD and green tea with EGCG, these capsules are essential for any runner’s recovery routine.

Buy Now on Beam: $85

The Best Running Tech

Oura is a wearable tech brand that makes rings that can monitor your heart, temperature and sleep. This Gucci x Gucci collaboration ring makes it fashionable to gather your biometrics. Access to the accompanying GuccixOura app includes access to a library of guided audio sessions that include white noise sounds to help you fall asleep, meditations, and other programming to assist runners in their fashion and wellness journey.

Buy Now on Gucci: $950

Best Hydration Belt for Runners

Finally, cult French running brand Satisfy delivers a dope hydration belt that doesn’t read like a fanny pack. This reflective material provides safety and lets passersby know that the runner is fresh.

Buy Now on Satisfy: $180

The Best Running Tights

Winter trail runners need stretch tights that don’t skimp on insulation—and these Norrøna tights deliver flexibility and mobility with serious warmth. They can also be used under snow pants or as a base layer for skiing and other winter pursuits.

Buy Now on Backcountry: $179

Best for City Runners

Hoka, although it is one of the newest runners on the block (it was established in 2009), has already won the hearts of many real-deal runners. How? How? By creating exceptional products that can literally go the distance and look incredibly polished. And one of the most revered styles in the brand’s collection is the Bondi SR—the pitch-perfect shoe for both pros and hobbyists alike.

Buy Now on Hoka: $175

Best Earbuds for Runners

A great bop can be a motivator for runners. Of course, they’d need headphones that offer top sound quality, can withstand constant motion and will fit comfortably and securely in their ears. Beats Wireless Earbuds are the perfect solution to all of these requirements.

Buy Now on Amazon: 250 $150

Best Running Belt

Lululemon’s lightweight belt is breathable, durable and light. This allows runners to jog or sprint at top speeds while still having the necessary items. It’s name pretty much says it all.

Buy Now on Lululemon: $38

Best At-Home Foot Spa for Runners

Running for long distances can strain your feet, even with all the cushioning provided by running shoes. A home foot spa is a great option to relieve stress, reduce pressure and clean out your feet. Conair is home to one of the most renowned foot spas in the country.

Buy Now on Best Buy: $39

Best gift for history buffs

Running as a professional sport isn’t as widespread as, say, soccer or baseball. Roger Bannister, a historian of the sport, is an excellent introduction. In 1954, an English medical student broke the 4-minute barrier in the mile run. This feat was immortalized on the front cover of the New York Times and is now available in a framed print.

Buy Now on NYTimes Store: $50

Best Infrared Sauna For Runners

This full-spectrum sauna is the ultimate luxury at home for athletes. It emits all the infrared light that benefits them. It has all the state-of-the-art digital controls you’ll need, including smartphone integration so you can fire this bad boy up while still on your run and have it ready when you get home. There is some assembly required.

Buy Now on SunHome Saunas: $7,599 $7,099

Best Cushioning for Runners

Lovers of max cushion running shoes will instantly fall for this newcomer from Altra, which features a positively marshmallowy 33-millimeter EGO MAX midsole, the brand’s highest stack height yet, built to float effortlessly over concrete sidewalks in cities and packed gravel backcountry roads alike.

Buy Now on Altra Running: $170

The Best Custom Insoles For Runners

Custom 3D-printed insoles for running shoes may feel like a luxury, and that’s because they are. Book the runner in your life a Superfeet session—there are a number of retailers across the country that offer the service—where their precise biometric data will be used to 3D-print custom arch supports in just over a week.

Buy Now on Superfeet: $150

Best Running Hoodie

Winter running gear is all about finding the balance between warmth and breathability, and this Icebreaker hoodie hits the mark; it’s crafted from a breathable, functional 100 percent merino knit, with ZoneKnit body-mapped technology to regulate temperature, allowing the skin to breathe during the longest runs. It’s also stylish and cool, making it an excellent choice for runs or for Saturday morning runs.

Buy Now on Icebreaker: $330

Best Hydration Vest for Runners

CamelBak has long been the leader in portable hydration packs and vests, and the Zephyr is one of the brand’s best sellers. This limited edition version is praised for its versatility. It has a 2L reservoir and enough zips to hold all the gear runners need on their longest, most difficult runs.

Buy Now on CamelBak: $175

Best Social Wellness Club For Runners

The future of wellness is about experiencing it together—so get them a membership to this posh social wellness club with locations in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and New York. You can find a wide range of high-tech treatments to maximize recovery at the club, such as cryotherapy and hyperbaric chambers.

Subscribe Now: $495 (Monthly)

Best Stocking Stuffer for Runners

Chafing is the enemy of all runners. Chamois Butt’r is the standard-bearer of excellent spot lubrication products, offering a higher melting point so it lasts even through the sweatiest, hottest runs.

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Best New Running Shoe

Tracksmith has joined the shoe chat. Tracksmith is a Boston-based brand that is known for their high-performing running gear and heritage feel. This season, they have made their first foray into the footwear market.

Buy Now on Tracksmith: $198

The Best Running Gloves

Hestra is one of the few brands that are proficient in gloves. This pair provides runners with the perfect combination of insulation and breathability. The gloves can be worn in cold conditions and are appreciated by all runners.

Buy Now on Backcountry: $55

Best Après-Run Shirt

Cotton T-shirts can be controversial when it comes to running, but there’s no denying that Satisfy’s MothTech style is a status symbol in the running community. Even if you aren’t wearing it on your actual runs, it’s an impossibly cool, impossibly comfy shirt to slip into once you’ve dried off.

Buy Now on Satisfy: $150

Best Massage Device for Runners

You are the premier percussive massaging gun. The PRO is the brand’s ultimate model, fully redesigned with visually-guided, built-in routines and a motor that’s quieter and more powerful than ever.

Buy Now on Therabody: $599

Best Fleece Jacket for Runners

Finally, a waterproof, lightweight, breathable jacket that is water-resistant and breathable. It has a sleek silhouette that will keep runners dry during rainy runs. The attention to detail is also appreciated, such as the snug hood that features a micro-visor, and semi-elastic sleeves that keep the jacket in place during running. Plus, it’s backed by Janji’s five-year guarantee, and two percent of all purchases go towards clean water projects. It’s guilt-free gifting.

Buy Now on Janji: $198

Best Base Layer for Runners

For when temperatures drop, runners require a high-quality, comfortable base layer. Enter Tracksmith’s best-selling Bright Base, which features a uniquely engineered Merino mesh that offers increased breathability around your core, along with closed-knit sleeves for more warmth in the extremities. This can be worn alone or as a base layer.

Buy Now on Tracksmith: $88

Best Deep Tissue Massager for Runners

If this recovery roller looks like some sort of medieval torture device, that’s partially because it is. It’s built with a spring configuration, stainless steel hardware fasteners for durability and integrated pivot points, and a selection of interchangeable inserts to customize the intensity to your liking. This bad boy will make tight calves, IT bands, and hammies melt in a matter of seconds.

Buy Now on Road Runner Sports: $139

Best Running Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can change your perception of running, both literally and metaphorically. These frames are made from hexetate, an innovative lightweight acrylic resin that molds to you over time. Also, the CR39 polarized lens and anti-reflective coating block all harmful rays 100 percent. This pair of sunglasses does not emit road glare. There’s also adjustable nose pads, rubber temple tips and spring hinges, all of which make these pair of sunglasses perform as strongly as they look.

Buy Now on Article One: $199

Best Recovery Boots For Runners

These recovery boots are a great way to up the intensity of your recovery. Pro athletes love them for their ability to improve blood flow, lymphatic function, and reduce muscle fatigue.

Buy Now on Backcountry: $899

Best Running Socks

The Rolls-Royce of running socks. They’re carefully constructed with no irritating toe seams, targeted compression zones for a custom-like fit and high density cushioning for extra protection in high-impact areas. They are made from a combination of spandex, merino, and nylon and provide that rare blend of warmth, breathability, and durability that will last mile after mile.

Buy Now on Feetures: $20

Best Hydration Drink Mix for Runners

It’s hard to find a hydration supplement that does it all, but Active Hydration comes close. In a convenient packet that fits easily into a pocket or running belt, it’s blended with electrolytes, collagen and Vitamin C—with a delicious flavor none of the funky or salty aftertaste typically found in electrolyte drinks.

Buy Now on Tailwind: $21

Best Half Tights for Runners

They will be the brand everyone is talking about. This ultra-slim half tight is so sleek it almost seems like it’s not there at all. But they are meticulously made for function. They have flatlock seams and free-cut hems so there’s absolutely zero chafing—as well two drop-in side pockets and a center back pocket to hold a phone, shirt, keys and more.

Buy Now on Miler Running: $125

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