Two Original ‘Mean Girls’ Stars Will Take Over Musical Adaptation Roles

This is the news we’ve waited for!

Tina Fey The news that we have all been waiting for is finally here. Mean Girls Cast members are coming back, baby!

The comedian—who also wrote the scripts for all three versions of the early aughts classic—stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers Yesterday, February 16, we spoke about her upcoming live tour with Amy Poehler—which sold out within two days—and, of course, the “full circle” moment of starting work on the new adaptation of the Broadway musical, which was an adaptation for the 2004 hit.

Mean Girls: The Musical: the Movie starts filming March 6th, according to Fey. It may or not be the official title.

She began by going through some that had been confirmed previously, including Reneé Rapp As Regina, she reprises her Broadway role. Moana’s Auli’i Cravalho Janice

“And also,” she added, pausing to giggle after Meyers had told her not be too self-important, before continuing “Me” Tim Meadows.”

Yes, you read that right! Fey will be returning as Mrs. Norbury, while Meadows will reprise the role of the high school’s Principal Duvall.

How fetch!

The crowd was in agreement and broke into applause and cheers at the news.

Meyers continued: “I do want credit.” joke“You and Tim had roles in the original movie that you couldn’t age out from,” unlike many of the original cast who were too old to play high schoolers at the time.

Fey said that teachers work forever, and then revealed a new goal: “I wanted the experience to be like Gilligan’s from.” Gilligan’s Island Was at a trade fair and was like, “Oh, he looks so aged in his little cap.”

Fey shared a hint with fans about the future of the show while she was doing it. music It was revealed that many songs had been altered to be more pop-oriented.

It’s fascinating because everything in Broadway has to go to the back and then in. movies “You can sort of come back in, and things can play really intimately,” she stated. compliment Crew members include the director and choreographer.

“It’s …”,” she said, clicking her tongue numerous times while nodding her head. It’s gonna go well.

Meyers assured viewers, “Wow, you don’t do that many clicks when lying,” Meyers stated.

Angourie Rice (Cady), Jaquel Spivey (Damian), Christopher Briney (Aaron), Bebe wood (Gretchen), Avantika (Karen), were also confirmed. There is no word on whether other cast members may appear, but we are hoping for a cameo here or there.

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