UPDATE 1-Meta, nonprofit end U.S. lawsuit over infinity-logo trademark


Dfinity Foundation sued Meta because it would confuse people with its infinity logo


Meta, formerly Facebook still faces at most two additional lawsuits for its name change

(Adds comment to Meta, updates headline

By Blake Brittain

(Reuters) – Dfinity Foundation, a blockchain nonprofit and Meta Platforms Inc, have settled a trademark lawsuit against Meta regarding its infinity-symbol symbol logo. This was according to a joint San Francisco federal filing.

Meta and Dfinity requested Monday that the court dismiss the case with prejudice. This means that it can’t be revived.

Meta spokesperson stated Tuesday that it was pleased with the result of the case. Dfinity said it had dropped the suit after Meta “pointed to the defects” of its revised complaint.

Representatives of Dfinity didn’t immediately respond Tuesday to a request for comment.

Dfinity’s Internet Computer in Switzerland is an “infinite”, open-source public blockchain network, designed to host smart contract. Dfinity sued Meta last summer, claiming that Meta’s logo after it changed its name to Facebook would confuse users with Dfinity’s trademarks on infinity-symbols.

Meta described its logo to be a “continuous loop”, which resembles both the letter “M” and an infinite sign to represent “infinite horizontal horizons in metaverse.”

Charles Breyer, U.S. District Court Judge, dismissed Dfinity’s initial complaint in November but allowed the company amend the lawsuit. Breyer ruled that Meta’s logo would not cause confusion among consumers, citing the differences in the logos and the fact Dfinity’s customers “tech-savvy developers”.

Dfinity filed an amended complaint on December.

Meta continues to face trademark litigations from MetaX (virtual-reality company) and Metacapital (investment firm) over its name changes.

Dfinity Foundation against Meta Platforms Inc, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California (No. 3:22-cv-02632.

Dfinity: Keith Wesley, Dennis Ellis and Katherine Murray of Ellis George Cipollone O’Brien Annaguey

Meta: Bobby Ghajar & Angela Dunning Of Cooley

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