Vaulted ceiling ideas – 11 dramatic design ideas for your ceiling

As we have discussed, a vaulted ceiling can really open up a room, creating space for dramatic, larger scale designs for your lighting and furniture.

Getting creative with your living room lighting ideas can not only create a unique, artistic display, but it can help draw the eye upwards to your vaulted ceiling, establishing an impactful and impressionable look. 

In this room, designed by Creative Tonic Design, the hanging pendant display, beautifully suspended from the dark vaulted ceiling, shares the same color palette as the bright furniture, artwork and accessories, creating an elegant connection between the ceiling and the designs found in the rest of the room.

Whether you think cleverly about color and connection like in this room, or choose a modern, sculptural pendant to hang from a rustic vaulted ceiling, creative lighting designs can make for an intriguing and eye-catching design statement.

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