Vietnam Venture Summit 2022: A Roaring Success! Venture Capital Community Plowing Over US$1.5 Billillion in Vietnam

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The investment provides 360° support across capital, talent and business development to accelerate Vietnam’s Startup ecosystem at critical turning point

HANOI Vietnam, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vietnam Venture Summit 20,22, hosted at Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment and coorganized by Vietnam National Innovation Center, (NIC), and Golden Gate Ventures. This venture capital fund is in Southeast Asia (SEA), founded by Silicon Valley natives in Silicon Valley, was closed with over 40 Venture Capital firms contributing over US$1.5 Billion In investments into Vietnam’s The next few years will see a significant increase in the startup ecosystem. Over 40 Venture Capital firms from Korea are backing the commitment. Japan, Singapore, IndonesiaAnd, of course, the United States. Vietnam The Appendix contains a complete list of all firms.

Themed Global Capital Flows ShiftingThis third edition of Vietnam Venture Summit attracted the largest crowd of Vietnam’s Top political leaders, global investors and founders meet to discuss the future of SEA’s startup ecosystem. Vietnam’s As an investment magnet, the importance of regional and international scales is increasing. It is evident that there are many sponsors – Marcum Asia, Google Cloud, HSBC Techcombank, Techcombank, Do Ventures – who support the project. Vietnam It is possible to receive from a wide range of ecosystem players.

Emerging and developing countries are facing uncertain global prospects. Asia It is expected to experience the highest GDP growth at 4.9% in 2023, surpassing all other regions.[1]SEA attracted US$174 billion in foreign direct investment in 2021[2]; and SEA-focused VC funding raised US$3.1B In 2022, we are close to the finish line US$3.5B They were raised all through 2021.

Particularly, Vietnam With Vietnamese startups raising record amounts, the region’s positive outlook shines even brighter. US$1.4 billion There were 165 deals in 2021, and this momentum is expected to continue into 2023, with an estimated GDP growth of 6.7% in 2023[3].

The international alliance made up of venture capitalists pledged their support to this positive atmosphere US$1.5 Billion In investment can be used for equity investment, capital development, business development and talent development. The 360° support is meant to help Vietnamese startups sustain growth and compete not only with other startups in the region, but on a global stage. This support is essential for the development of the next generation unicorns, which will be listed on international exchanges.

Vietnam is at a crucial inflection point in its development as a startup ecosystem – not just within SEA but on the global stage. The over US$1.5 Billion This investment pledge is a reflection of the commitment of the global community to accelerate. Vietnam’s development at this critical juncture – it’s time to double down on Vietnam’s “There is a lot of potential,” he said. Vinnie Lauria, Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures.

“The first Vietnam Venture Summit 2019 was a very positive mood about the country’s future. After a two year global pandemic that ravaged the world and an uncertain economic outlook, three years later, Vietnam “The region has lived up its potential and is now one of the key growth engines,” said the statement. Vy LeDo Ventures, General Partner

The Vietnam Venture Summit is both about action and high-level strategic direction that will shape the market’s or region’s future. The panel discussions and startup presentations explore the real opportunities and how investors and the government can work together to make the market a success. Jacky Nguyen, CEO, Chotot.


About Golden Gate Ventures

Golden Gate Ventures, a Southeast Asian venture capital company, combines Silicon Valley experience with passion and ambition to create a unique venture capital firm. Southeast Asia. We have proudly supported some of the region’s most ambitious founders for over a decade and have had the honor of being part of Southeast Asia’s Incredible growth story.  Golden Gate Ventures was established in 2011 by co-founders from Singapore and America. Vinnie Lauria And Jeff PaineLocated in, Singapore With offices in Indonesia And Vietnam. Golden Gate Ventures has launched four funds US$250M AUM is invested in over 70 companies, and it has 9 unicorns. Visit for more information.

About the NIC

The National Innovation Center is an agency of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. It has the responsibility of creating innovation and startup ecosystems and contributing to model innovation. Innovation, science and technology are the key to economic growth. They also support and enhance the ability of companies to innovate and transform digitally in order increase productivity and the competitiveness of their economy. NIC serves as a major innovation hub, with four main pillars.

  • To attract top international and domestic innovative companies economically, create a business environment that is attractive.

  • With a focus on innovative start-ups and businesses, it is possible to create, connect and build an open innovation environment.

  • To promote innovation and ensure competitiveness within the region and globally, researchers must propose and evaluate outstanding policies and mechanisms.

  • Attract investment funds and talent to support start-ups and innovative businesses in attracting investment, transferring technologies, and commercializing their products.


List of investors who pledged their support during Vietnam Venture Summit 2022

Altara Ventures



Ascend Vietnam Ventures


Clime Capital

Cocoon Capital

Crescent Point

Do Ventures

FEBE Ventures


Galaxy Digital Holdings

Golden Gate Ventures

Incubate Fund

Integra Partners





Lotte Ventures

Monk’s Hill Ventures


Openspace Ventures

Orzon Ventures

Palm Drive Capital

Partech Partners

Patamar Capital

Quest Ventures

Shinhan Securities Vietnam

STI – Simple Tech Investment

STIC Investments

SWC Global

Tekton Ventures


TNB Aura

Touchstone Partners

VIC Partners

VinaCapital Ventures

VSV Capital

ZWC Partners


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