Watch Chelsea Handler Do the ‘Hardest Plank Variation’

Simply taking a look at this transfer will make your abs harm.

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Chelsea Handler is leveling up her core work.

The actress not too long ago shared a video on Instagram of her doing a difficult train with longtime coach Ben Bruno.

@chelseahandler has acquired far more than 99 issues, however her core power ain’t one,” writes Bruno within the caption of his post. “Actually spectacular stuff right here — a whole lot of professional athletes wrestle with this one.”


Within the clip, Handler is carrying a long-sleeve white t-shirt, black leggings, and Nike sneakers. She’s in a forearm plank place along with her elbows resting on a pad and her toes on prime of a slider. The comic additionally has a weight plate balanced on her again, and Bruno is holding an extended resistance band looped round her ankles. She completes just a few physique noticed reps, subtly shifting her weight ahead and again whereas sustaining the plank place.

“This may be the toughest plank variation we have ever performed,” says Bruno in a voiceover enjoying together with the video. “I do not like being too good to Chelsea, however her core power is basically spectacular. She will be able to do a plank for 10 minutes, no drawback, so common planks simply ain’t gonna reduce it,” he continues. (Learn Extra: How Long Do You Really Need to Hold a Plank?)

Planks alone are a strong abs train, so this variation actually speaks to Handler’s total power. “Planks are nice for core stabilization; additionally they work the quads, glutes, low again muscle mass, traps, lats, pecs, biceps, and triceps,” Taylor Rae, licensed practical power coach and coach at Fiture, tells Form.


With a view to up the ante, Bruno has thrown in three obstacles for Handler: including motion, a plate on her again, and a resistance band round her toes. “I am truly pulling actually laborious [on the resistance band] as a result of I discovered that the more durable I pull the much less she talks,” jokes Bruno within the clip.

“With the added challenges of the band, the burden, and remodeling this from an isometric hold — [such as] an ordinary plank — to a physique noticed, [you] have added stress on all the physique, particularly the abs and obliques,” explains Rae, who watched the video of Handler doing this difficult transfer.


“Elementary actions with added resistance and time are the very best, most secure, and most dependable approach to construct strength and endurance,” provides Rae. Nevertheless, this train is not precisely for inexperienced persons. “Whereas this motion is thrilling, it may be dangerous, and I like to recommend it solely be performed by skilled gym-goers and athletes underneath the supervision of a certified fitness professional,” says Rae.

In case you’re on the lookout for a approach to spice up your plank exercises with out including an excessive amount of danger, you can begin with a physique noticed utilizing simply your body weight for an extended interval of time, advises Rae.

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