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This is the first week in the fantasy football playoffs. We’ve got a lot of football ahead of us. You can’t see the games today. You can check back here to see the latest updates about all the scores, big play, and injuries from around the league during the scheduled 1:00 PM ET games.


Russell Wilson

Kenny Pickett

Mike White

Damien Harris

Dameon Pierce

Treylon Burks

Corey Davis

Mecole Hardman

Chase Claypool

Brandin Cooks

Courtland Sutton

Kendall Hinton

N’Keal Harry

Hayden Hurst

Dallas Goedert

1:00 pm ET Games

Bears @ Eagles

Saints @ Falcons

Lions @ Jets

Steelers @ Panthers

Jaguars Cowboys

Chiefs @ Texans

3:43 – The Texans are located at the 11 yard line on third down. Mills’ pass to Mills was lost and the Texans must settle for a field goal. They are tied 24-24. Although it is hard to believe, here we are.

3:37 Noah Brown The Cowboys were back on top after a 13-yard receiving touchdown. A pile-pusher may have helped the Jets score a touchdown. Zach WilsonThey are currently reviewing it.

3:35 PM – After a field goal missed, the Lions trail Jets by only 13-10

3:32 – Trubisky just Diontae Johnson Convert for the first down against Panthers for a gain 20 yards

3:30 – Mahomes was able obstruct Chiefs’ touchdown to regain the lead from the Texans. What’s the latest with the Texans?

3:21 PM – The Panthers settle for a field kick after they were unable to covert within the red zone. The Cowboys have the Jaguars at the six yard line. Patterson just got Patterson to get the Falcons to within five yards of the Saints. They trail New Orleans 10-21.

Patterson ran in an eight yard touchdown for the Falcons. They go for two. Ridder was kicked but there’s a flag. You can be punished with a face mask against the Saints, but the Falcons have another chance. Tyler Allgeier The two-point attempt was successfully completed. They reduced the Saints lead to 18-21.

Lawrence discovered Zay Jones The Jaguars lead in the final zone.

3:12 – The Chiefs-Texans match is a slugfest. The Texans are scoring in the red zone. They are just 16-14 behind Kansas City. Jordan Akins Receives the look for a touchdown on a 12-yard passing. Just like that, the Texans are leading 21-16.

3:09 – Ouch! Prescott just threw the interception and the Jaguars enjoy excellent field position on the Cowboys 39-yard line. Agnew led a big run from the sideline to get them to the ten yards. Marvin Jones The Jaguars were able to catch the 10-yard touchdown reception, and are now only three points behind Cowboys (27-24).

Lawrence was just picked up by the Cowboys. This is Lawrence’s first interception since October. 2:50 – Mitchell Trubisky This Chiefs-Texans match is a disaster. The Texans are scoring in the red zone. They are just 16-14 behind Kansas City. Jordan Akins Receives the look for a touchdown on a 12-yard passing. Just like that, the Texans are leading 21-16.

3:05 – What an amazing play Zay Jones! Lawrence found Lawrence with a deep, 59 yard pass for the touchdown. They trail the Cowboys by 27-17

3:02 – Three more Cowboys were added by a 53 yard field goal. They are leading Jaguars by 27-10

Montgomery added another touchdown to his score on a Fields 10-yard pass. They trail the Eagles by 17-13, and this game isn’t over yet.

3:00 – Johnson added a touchdown for the Saints. However, there is still a flag. The penalty was for roughing the passer. Touchdown is a good thing.

2:59 – Miles Sanders Just fumble, and the Bears get back on track. The Eagles have many turnovers.

2:54 – Ok, Chuba HubbardYou’re welcome, After Trubisky’s touchdown, he just ran a 45-yard receiving play.

Lawrence was just picked up by the Cowboys. This is Lawrence’s first interception since October.

2:50 – Mitchell Trubisky Also, he just ran in a touchdown for Steelers.

2:45 – Hurts ran in his second touchdown against the Bears following the Scott kick return.

2:43 – Boston Scott The Bears were made to look silly by the Bears’ return of the second-half kickoff, which was returned for 58 yards.

Wilson was just intercepted by the Lions and they are currently tied on offense at 10-10.

2:40 PM – After Lawrence had missed Jamaal Adnew in the endzone, the Jags had to settle with a field goal.

The Falcons are still on offense after the Ridder interception was returned.

2:38 – This was a rare moment. All of the 1:00 ET games were simultaneously at halftime.

Ridder was just removed and the Saints are now leading offense by 14-3

2:25 – Two minutes left before the Chiefs tied up Texas with a four yard receiving touchdown Marquez Valdes-ScantlingBut Harrison Butker You missed the additional point.

2:20 – Z. Wilson deals today! He hit Jeff Smith they scored on a score against the Lions with a 50 yard pass.

Jalen Hurts Just rushed in an Eagles touchdown for 22 yards. Bears lose 9-6 to the Eagles.

2:11 – Things are getting a little chippy. Travis Kelce After taking a huge hit on a first down conversion, I got all worked up. Flags fly and fingers aren’t. Kelce was assessed an unjustifiable roughness penalty. They were still able to get the first down but are now backed up by 15 yards.

I was unable to catch a previous touchdown. Jerick McKinnon Passes of 20 yards from Patrick Mahomes. The Texans are leading the Chiefs 14-7.

2:07 PM – Fields already has 82 meters of rushing, and that’s just half.

2:05 – Oh, boy. Hurts was just taken off again. Two INTs were scored in the Bears’ first half.

2:03 – Noah Brown Prescott passes touchdown to Prescott for one yard. They hold a 21-7 advantage over the Jaguars with a lead of two touchdowns.

2:00 – After being denied by the Jets, the Lions had to settle with a field goal.

1:56 – Justin Fields The football was lost to him after he was sacked once more. The Bears managed to grab the ball and retain possession. Fields made a big run on the next play but was out of bounds at the 10-yard line.

The Saints have just given up, and the Falcons now take control.

Mills ran in a touchdown for the Texans. David Montgomery The Bears concluded their drive with a touchdown.

Touchdown – 1:54 Jamaal Williams…. Flag on the play. Keep on offense. Ouch. This brings the Lions back to their 18-yard line.

1:53 PM – The Lions attempted fourth down but failed to convert. Amon-Ra St. Brown. This puts Detroit at the Jets’ 30-yard line.

1:51 – Zay Jones Jaguars just added six players to the score with a touchdown pass of five yards from Trevor Lawrence.

1:47 PM – Making his debut Desmond Ridder The Falcons are now in the red zone and down 14-0 to Saints. Cordarrell Patterson ran seven yards to bring Atlanta to the seven yard line. They were forced to settle for a field goal.

The Eagles could not score a field goal against Bears to lead 3-0.

1:46 PM – Warren rushes in the two yard touchdown after the Steelers have called a timeout. This puts the Steelers 14-7 ahead of the Panthers.

1:43 – Zach Wilson Just hit Garrett Wilson For a 33-yard gain. Then he hit C.J. Uzomah To get the Jets on board against the Lions, a 40-yard touchdown is required.

Steelers at the two yard line thanks to a nice run Jaylen Warren. After the play, the Panthers called a timeout.

1:41 – Dak Prescott Add another touchdown to the score at TE Peyton Hendershot On his first reception of the 20-yard game.

1:33 – The Texans scored the first points in their matchup against the Chiefs. Yes, it was indeed the Texans who scored first. Davis Mills Found Teagan Quitoriano (who?) An eight-yard touchdown pass.

Darnold was forced to scramble at 1:30, but eventually he found the right way. D.J. Moore For a Panthers touchdown against the Steelers. They will be taking another look at the score. Keep checking back.

1:26 – The Panthers are scoring on the line at the eight yard line. As the first quarter ends, the Panthers are in scoring position.

1:25 – This blog has a cursed featured image. Jalen Hurts Just threw an intercept and the Bears are on offense. He is the featured picture for the 1:00pm slate of games. That may change.

1:23 – Holy cow Taysom Hill! He just made a deep pass. Rashid Shaheed He converted it into a touchdown of 68 yards for the Saints. They have now scored two touchdowns against the Falcons, 14-0.

1:21 – The Cowboys convert the turn with an eight-yard running touchdown by Ezekiel Elliott.

1:18 – After being stuffed in the redzone, the Lions ran an 8-yard punt back for a 46 yard touchdown. They outscored the Jets 7 to 1.

1:15 – The Steelers make their first touchdown with a seven-yard rush touchdown Najee Harris For the Panthers

Travis Etienne The Cowboys have just fumbled, and they are now on offense with great field position at the 40-yard mark.

1:11 – The Lions are scoring against the Jets. Justin Jackson The rock was delivered and he was only a short distance away. Dan Campbell It is going for it in the fourth down. Jamaal Williams It was stopped just short of the goal line, and the Jets’ defense held firm.

1:09 PM – The Saints have entered the red zone. Looking at third down and nine to play, they are now in the red zone. Andy Dalton‘s favourite TE Juwan Johnson He took the first down and almost scored. They are giving him another chance, though he missed the goal line. The Saints raise the challenge flag. This may be New Orleans’ touchdown. Yes, it’s a score.

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