A high school basketball player aged 18 has died after suffering a cardiac arrest during a game

High School Basketball Player Dies a Week After Suffering Cardiac Arrest on Court, Cartier Woods

A High School Basketball Player Dies One Week after Suffering Cardiac Arrest On Court, Cartier Woods


Monday’s death of an 18-year old high school basketball player was caused by cardiac arrest in a basketball match.

Cartier Woods was a senior at Northwestern High School, Detroit. He collapsed during a Jan 31 game.

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Dwanda Woods was his aunt and legal guardian. told WXYZ-TV at the time of his hospitalization The incident had occurred despite the fact that her nephew had no known cardiac issues. CPR was administered for between 40 and 60 minutes.

According to Pierre Brooks, Cartier’s head coach and assistant coach in high school basketball, Cartier felt dizzy when the game began.

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“Coach,” Cartier said to Eason. recollection of the game To The Detroit-Free Press. “I must get out.”

Brooks reported that Cartier collapsed on the floor.

He said, “The entire crowd was in awe.” They gasped at the sight of what was happening.

Cartier was taken to the hospital by paramedics between 5 and 10 minutes after the incident.

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Melonie Cartier Woods Cartier Woods is Cartier’s cousin. GoFundMe campaign Soon after, he was trying to “raise money and get as many prayers we can to get Cartier back at himself and doing the things he loved.”

Melanie said that Dwanda Woods, Melanie’s mom, took him in when he was just three days old. “She helped him do what he loves, play SPORTS.”

Cartier was placed on life support for one week. The family announced his death Monday. confirmed to Fox 2 Detroit.

Cartier had dreamt of playing collegiate basketball, Dwanda said.

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