2022 was the Tops for Advancing People First Places

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NORTHAMPTON MA / ACCESSWIRE / December 20, 2020 / Our global movement to improve health and well being in buildings, communities, and organizations has seen tremendous growth over 2022. WELL can be found in more than 4.5 million square feet, over 100 Fortune 500 countries and 125 other countries. We’re proud to share some of our top moments this year in recognition of all the people who have supported us on this journey. We are so grateful for all the support from our global community in sustaining our momentum and making 2022 great.


The WELL Summit is a Breakthrough Event, Convening Group of Global Leaders from Arizona
WELL Summit hosted in April 2022 brought together WELL power users as well as the next generation of leaders who are dedicated to strengthening their organizational health strategies. The event, which was interactive and immersive and took place outside, provided a deep dive on WELL strategies, best practices for implementation, and featured powerful keynotes as well as executive roundtables that were focused on delivering enterprise-scale well-being.

MarketSite at NASDAQ Shines a Light On the Importance Health in ESG
Last February, IWBI and Humanity 2.0 co-hosted a seminal event on ‘Putting the H in ESG,’ held live from the Nasdaq MarketSite. The event focused on how humans and health fit within the environmental, governance, and governance (ESG), and featured a full day of virtual programming. Sessions covered the entire ESG landscape, from how companies create and manage their ESG strategies to tools and frameworks to support reporting on human and social capital, as well as the most recent developments in sustainable finance, regulatory compliance, stakeholder demand, and other topics. The programming is still available. here.

Connecting on Purpose: A WELL Salon Series Launches
IWBI launched Connecting On Purpose: A WELL Salon Series in 2022. This series was designed to remind us how important meaningful connection is to our humanity. We began by having Jeffersonian-style dinners outdoors with IWBI staff members. The discussions covered major topics like the future, storytelling, and healthcare reform. Our WELL Summit featured a special keynote speaker who helped us to replicate our internal salons. This led to a lively and thought-provoking discussion among our key leaders. See our WELL Salon PlaybookEverything you need to hold a salon in your community or organization.

WELL Enterprise Provider Summit Series
IWBI convened WELL Power Users (our WELL Entrepreneur Providers) this fall in a series if one-day events held in various locations around the world including Sydney, New York City, London, Amsterdam and Singapore. This series of events gave a deep dive into WELL strategies, key initiatives, such as Investing for Health, and showcased best practice for delivering WELL on a large scale. It also offered opportunities to network and connect with regional stakeholders and IWBI leadership.


Miami is the First in the Country to Go for WELL
Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez was the one who made it possible for Miami to become the “Miami” first city in the nation to achieve the WELL Health-Safety Rating across a large municipal building portfolio. Mayor Suarez stated, “Today, we are embracing WELL to our public buildings, and we are stepping up. We’re walking the talk.” IWBI, the global authority on healthy buildings, has recognized this portfolio of city buildings, including City Hall. I hope other cities follow Miami’s example and promote WELL building, so that we can provide the benefits to all communities.

The Healthy Workplaces Coalition launches on Capitol Hill, grows to 60+ members
IWBI was the one to launch the IWBI-sponsored “The Launch” in May. Healthy Workplaces CoalitionA new coalition of over 60 national organizations, industry leaders, and trade associations has formed to promote federal policy. It aims to help businesses and organizations improve their ability to afford and implement safety and health improvements in the workplace and built environment. This will benefit employees and customers as well as the general health and well-being. If your organization is interested, you can find out more information here. please reach out to us.

White House hosts the First-Ever Summit on Indoor Air Quality
The White House hosted an indoor air quality summit for the first time. The summit, which was held in October, brought together a number of national experts to call for collective action to create a pathway to clean indoor air. You can read the IWBI’s summary, “Biden Administration Shines a Light on Healthy Buildings.”

President Signs Legislation To Invest Nearly $400 Billion in Health and Sustainability Solutions
August was the month that President Biden signed the law. Inflation Reduction Act of 2022The bill includes a $369 billion investment in combating climate change. It has been widely praised and called historic climate legislation. The bill is intended to help the country reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. This legislation will not only help to rewrite America’s climate future but also provides massive opportunities for equity, resilience, and healthy buildings. Continue reading here.


The Times After Covid, offices must focus on employee health
“We are seeing occupiers reconsider how they value real estate for their businesses.” It used to be about efficiency and cost. But now, they are evaluating a variety of metrics, including workplace experience, as a differentiator on the job market.” Lewis Beck, CBRE’s head of workplace, EMEA, explains.

From GlobeSt.com: “WELL Certification Brings Multiple, Powerful Worker Benefits
[WELL’s] People-first is a strategy that supports wide-ranging benefits to occupants and organisations. It creates significant improvements in all-important occupant satisfaction and well-being. Rachel Hodgdon, President & CEO of International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), which created the WELL Building Standards, stated.

Bisnow Health And Safety Ratings Spread Far And Wide, Easing Fears Among Tenants About Returning To Work
The [WELL] Thousands of property owners have adopted certification in many areas of commercial real estate including industrial, retail, and healthcare.

Axios How healthy is your home?
Is the new house you are considering healthy? To answer this question, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), is creating a new rating system.
Why it matters Home occupants’ health can be affected by factors such as air quality, water quality, light levels, and building materials.

The Fifth Estate Healthy, green and attractive – LEED and WELL play doubles
About 25% of Australia’s commercial offices are involved in the WELL program. The global increase has been fourfold in the last 18 months. 371.6 million square metres Worldwide, WELL Certified for space

From Build Australia, New IWBI rating to create more equitable places
International WELL Building Institute has launched the WELL Equity rating, a new rating that helps organisations achieve their diversity, equity inclusion, and accessibility goals. It also improves company culture and employee wellbeing.

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International WELL Building Institute Tuesday, December 20, 2022. Image from press release

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