5 Self-Care Habits Lo Bosworth Never Skips

These important daily routines are non-negotiable for the CEO and wellness expert.

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Photo of Lo Bosworth on blue background

Even on the busiest days, Lo Bosworth, the founder of Love Wellness and former star of Laguna Beach, makes taking care of herself a non-negotiable habit. After experiencing ongoing yeast infections, as well as anxiety and depression, Bosworth knows the importance of prioritizing her well-being. “I always take that time for myself because I get sick, exhausted, and burnt out when I don’t,” Bosworth tells REAL SIMPLE. “The go, go, go culture never worked for me, and I don’t see it working for anybody.”

This time of year, it’s so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of holiday parties, last-minute shopping, and travel. Finding balance, whether it’s through taking 10 minutes to talk to a loved one or enjoying a warm bath, makes all the difference, Bosworth says. If you need a little inspiration, read on for four self care strategies Bosworth always prioritizes.

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She Schedules in ‘Me Time’

Enjoying some down time where you can do whatever you want—read a book, take a walk, listen to a podcast, you name it!—is as important as your work meetings. Take a cue from Bosworth, and add your alone time to your calendar. “Put an hour for yourself on your calendar and honor that, so you don’t schedule meetings during that time,” Bosworth says. “You’d be amazed how much you might find yourself enjoying it.”

She Makes Time for Movement

For Bosworth, balance is extremely important, and she doesn’t feel completely at ease without some physical activity. “I would say that moving my body in some way, shape, or form—even if it’s just walking, is a big non-negotiable,” she says. Some days, Bosworth finds time to take a two-hour stroll through New York City. Since that’s not always possible, Bosworth incorporates movement into her daily activity. “I walk to and from the office every single day,” she says.

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She Takes a Warm Bath

Bosworth likes to end her night with a warm bath before bed because it helps her relax for a better night’s sleep. “I typically take my Stanley Cup full of icy lemon water, and I drink the entire thing,” she says. Bosworth dims the lights, lights a candle, which she changes quarterly to match the seasons, and reads a book. “I really try to do no screen time if it’s my nighttime bath,” she says.

She Sticks to a Nightly Skincare Routine (With a Genius Trick)

How many times have you forgone the retinol or moisturizer because you were just too tired? Bosworth has a genius trick that makes doing your full skincare routine so much easier. “I get in bed and do my skincare routine. I apply my retinol and all of my lotions, and don’t have to keep standing in the bathroom,” Bosworth says. “That has increased my sticking to my skincare routine threefold.” If you skip out on my skincare more days than not, go ahead and put those products right next to your bed.

She Catches Up With Loved Ones Every Day

Bosworth doesn’t go a day without talking to her parents. The time difference of living in New York while her parents are on the West coast, can make it challenging to sync up, so Bosworth incorporates family time into her routine. “My dad wakes up early, so typically he’s my first FaceTime of the day when I’m walking to work,” she says. “Then I often chat with my mom in the later afternoon when she’s finished her Pickleball game or whatever she’s doing that day. We all need support, and my family really represents that for me.”

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