All about Phil Collins’ 5 Kids

Phil Collins, Lily Collins, Joely Collins

Phil Collins, Joely Collins and Lily Collins

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Please drumroll…Introducing Phil Collins’ highly talented family.

Phil Collins He is the father to five children, three boys and two girls. Between 1975 and 2005, he welcomed them with three different women.

The legend drummer shared children Joely Collins and Simon Collins with Andrea Bertorelli his first wife. He was married to Andrea from 1975 to 1978. Phil wrote “In the Air Tonight”. after failing to win her back post divorce.

Phil shares actress Lily Collins He was married to Jill Tavelman until 1994, his second wife. His second wife, actress Jill Tavelman, was his first wife. Emily in Paris Star, who was just five years old when her parents divorced, is now an actor. since been vocal It had a profound impact on her life.

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Former Genesis member, Nicholas and Matthew were welcomed by Orianne Cevey, his third wife. to whom he was initially married from 2000 to 2006. They reconciled 10 years later. entering a relationship again After her divorce, she became an investment banker Charles MejjatiThey called it quits once more 2020

Phil supports all his children and is supportive they are also vocal in their fondness for their dad. “Thanks for inspiring me and supporting me to become the woman that I am today. I love you to the moon and back again…” Lily wrote in an Instagram tribute to her dad.

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Joely Collins 50

Joely Collins

Joely Collins

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Joely was born Aug. 8, 1972. She is the child of Collins and Andrea Bertorelli. She was adopted and brought into the family. After growing up in Canada, she became an actress and producer.

Joely Collins is the eldest brother of the Collins siblings. She is well-known for her work on Canadian TV shows. Madison And Cold Squad. She also founded her own production companyStoryLab Productions was responsible for the production of the feature film in 2009. Redwoods: Becoming a Redwood 2012

In 2011, her father decided to stop performing professionally in music. Joely was in part the reason Collins recounts that Collins was told by his mother why he wanted to return to music after having played professionally since he was 19.

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The rock elder said, “To stop doing the same thing you’ve done all of your life,” and she recalled her saying, “You’re taking away what makes you tick.”

He said, “That was what stayed with me.” Then, you go out. [to perform]People like what you do and you feel that you can do more. “

Now, Joely is married to Dutch-born Stefan Buitelaar, with whom she shares one child, daughter Zoë Amelie. I love being a mom! “I think it is the most rewarding job You can have,” she said to Urban Moms, a Canadian outlet.

Simon Collins, 46

Simon Collins

Simon Collins

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Simon was born to Phil and Andrea in London, Sept. 14, 1976. He is an accomplished musician.

He fell in love with percussion when Phil gifted him a drum child on his eighth birthday.

Genesis had a deep impact on my lifeSimon told Hot Press in an interview that he was happy to answer questions. “Growing around such amazing musicians, as well as such kind, lovely people, definitely put me in a good mood. [progressive rock].”

While is father surely laid the foundation of his musical education — “throwing” him albums from bands like Pink Floyd, among other “prog rock” groups — Simon made it a point to pave his own path in the music industry, ultimately embarking on a solo career when signed by Warner Music Group.

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Phil Collins, Simon Collins

Phil Collins, Simon Collins

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Simon has been on stage with his dad before, but Phil later shared the studio with his son When Simon recorded the song “The Big Bang” from his album U-Catastrophe. Collins, the younger, told PEOPLE about his father in 2008 that they had worked together on several demos and played on stage together.

2014 Simon was arrested in Wiltshire, England, for the possession and supply of illegal narcotics — but was released on bail. Simon was most recently released on bail. opened up about his family dynamic was contacted to discuss the 70th birthday of his father in 2021.

Simon stated that everyone in the family lived in different parts. “We’re all still in touch — we keep in touch via Zoom.”

Lily Collins 33

Lily Collins

Lily Collins

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Lily was born to Phil Tavelman and Jill Tavelman (the musician’s second spouse). Although the Emily in Paris Star doesn’t have biological siblings, but she does have half-siblings from other marriages.

Lily pursued acting with success, but not like Simon. Lily wanted to pave that path she did so on her own. She said, “It was impossible that people would think I use a complimentary pass thanks to my name.” Vogue France November

“I’m proud of my dad, but I wanted to be me, not just his daughter,” the Mank star continued. “I love singing. But as I wanted to make my own way, far from the paternal genius — I preferred to be an actress.”

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Phil Collins, Lily Collins

Phil Collins, Lily Collins

Getty/Odd Williamson

And she has! Lily has made her screen debut since her stint on the show. BBC Sitcom Growing Pains at age two — but her breakthrough role didn’t come until the late 2000s when she starred in the Oscar-nominated film The Blind Side.

Lily — who’s married to Charlie McDowell, the son of actors Mary Steenburgen and Malcolm McDowell — continued to land leads in the years that followed, but she turned heads again with her role as Marla Mabrey in the 2016 comedy Rules Don’t ApplyThe actress was nominated for her first Golden Globe award with “The Actress in the Movie,”

Lily’s Netflix success was met with critical acclaim Emily in Paris — her most recent work that not only earned the actress another Globe nod for her role as the titular character, but an Emmy nomination for the show as a whole.

Nicholas Collins, 21

Phil Collins and Nicolas Collins

Nicolas Collins and Phil Collins

Guignebourg Denis/ABACA/Shutterstock

Nicholas (who goes by NicOn April 21, 2001, Nic (the musician’s third wife) was born to Phil Cevey and Orianne Cevey. Nic started at the age 2 and is now a drummer, just like his father.

Collins was a young talent that Collins had to look up too as he grew up. played professionally alongside his father 2017 was his 17th birthday. He went solo on his first solo tour. “It’s not because of him being the boss’ son that the drummers are playing. it’s because he’s good enough,” Phil said on the Australian show The Project At the time.

“The band fell in love with him… suddenly it was like he knew what he was doing and wasn’t in awe of the situation,” the proud father continued of his son. “I am very happy for him and for me that we get through this together.

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Nic now has his own band, Better Strangers. It features the young Collins as vocalist deCasa and Joey Rodriguez as guitarists. Yang is also a bassist. Nic recently shared his story with PEOPLE. touring with Genesis Inadvertently, their sound was influenced by it, specifically the track “Raincheck”.

The 21-year-old said that it was an exciting time musically, as I’m finding my feet and discovering who I am as a musician, drummer, and songwriter.” It’s difficult not to acknowledge the profound musical and personal impact Genesis tour had on me.

He said, “It’s certainly different from what my father was writing back then, but I definitely think there are a few progressive treats Genesis fans can enjoy.” This track really reveals to everyone what kind of drummer and singer I am.

Matthew Collins, 17

Matthew Collins, Nicholas Collins and Phil Collins

Matthew Collins, Nicholas Collins and Phil Collins

James Devaney/GC Images

Matthew is Phil’s youngest child. He was born to Orianne and Phil in 2005. Collins told PEOPLE in February 2016 that he was pregnant with Matthew. resumed their relationship After their split, the couple said that their children were “over the moon” about their reunion.

Matthew said it was his wish to be born on his birthday. Orianne said that Matthew was born on December 1st. He said, “Oh, my wish came true.”

Matthew is private, though he has made several public appearances over the years with his family. These events included sitting courtside at NBA games, and taking photos with his father during red carpet events.

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