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Whenever we get a new product to review, the first question is always “Who is this for?” New gear is often catnip for hardcore techies, but “cutting-edge technology” can seem out of reach and unnecessary for the average consumer.

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Everyone needs WiFi, and fast WiFi at that.

Netgear’s newly launched Orbi 970 WiFi 7 System is one of the most impressive mesh systems we’ve seen to date, and anyone outnumbered by devices in their household could use some of its juice. As an early adopter of the brand-new WiFi 7 signal, it’s not only capable of exponentially faster speeds and higher bandwidth than the previous generation of devices, but it’s unlikely to become obsolete anytime soon. SPY readers can also save $100 with exclusive discount code SPY10 at checkout. 

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Cord Cutters Need the Orbi 870 Series Mesh WiFi7 System by Netgear

Streaming masterpiece blockbusters at home only mimics the theater if the WiFi can keep up. Freezing, delays, or buffering of any kind undermines the purpose of investing in multiple streaming services, and cord-cutting in favor of more tailored, on-demand entertainment. Not to mention that many households have upgraded to 8,000-pixel (8K) TVs, which require a truly powerful connection to make good on their promise of unbeatable resolution and image quality.

If your house full of big personalities means separate shows on separate devices, fast WiFi isn’t just a necessity, it’s an investment in a peaceful state of mind. A burden lifted off your shoulders.

The Orbi 970 WiFi System is one of the only ones that delivers the brand-new WiFi 7 signal, which is so new that as of this writing, it has not yet been officially certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Theoretically, the max data rate of WiFi 7 is 46 gigabytes per second (Gbps), light years faster than the 9.6 Gbps max of WiFi 6 and 6E.

The Orbi 970 delivers the WiFi 7 signal over multiple bands and channels simultaneously via Multi-Link Operation (MLO) to send data rates way up and latency rates way down. MLO is like taking a three-lane road and instantly adding three more lanes to create a superhighway impervious to traffic and backups. Anyone whose home office has positioned them on the wrong side of the 405, so to speak, will be pleased with an upgrade to WiFi 7.

Compare the Orbi 970 to Previous WiFi Systems

Work-From-Home Warriors Need Netgear’s Latest Innovation

Despite desperate pleas from some of the nation’s biggest employers, the genie’s out of the bottle for many remote workers. Their home office is the default and, and while that saves on Metro cards and gas bills, households with multiple work-from-home warriors need higher WiFi bandwidth.  

The Orbi 970 WiFi System has a 320-hertz max channel bandwidth, twice the amount delivered by even WiFi 6 and 6E systems, and the max delivery of 2400 megabytes per second (Mbps) over 16 spatial streams also doubles the performance of even the best WiFi 6 and 6E systems. Zoom-ers who’ve battled connections that drop at the most inopportune times (i.e mid-presentation) can rely on the 970 to deliver when it’s necessary.

Plus, the signal from the Orbi 970’s 3-pack — one router and two satellite units — covers up to 10,000 square feet, more than enough for most homes. Need more than that? The Orbi 970 system is infinitely and easily scaleable with optional satellite units you can place anywhere.

It’s an investment, but SPY readers can save $100 at checkout with reader-exclusive code SPY10. 

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Gamers Who’ve Lagged One Too Many Times, Time to Upgrade

What are the dedicated online gamer’s greatest enemies? No, not the Halo: Infinite menace who has mastered the spawn kill. It’s lagging, glitching, and all the other woes associated with a subpar WiFi connection mid-gaming session. There’s no greater frustration than losing out because of an inopportune lag, but also no easier solution than upgrading to the Orbi 970 WiFi System.

Those frustrating lags and freezes are caused by latency, which is the time delay between your controller and the action on the screen. High latency is bad, low is latency good, and latency virtually eradicated by the Orbi 970’s Quad-Band technology and Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul is best of all.

That Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul combines a dedicated 5Hz band with a shared 6Hz band, which creates a blinding-fast 10 Gig wireless connection between the router and its satellite units.

And if you really want to experience the fastest possible gaming experience – and maybe do a little spawn-killing of your own – you can hardwire your gaming rig or console to the Orbi 970’s 10-gig ethernet port. The upgrade in speed, smoothness of play, and graphic quality is a true game-changer.

Children of Young Parents Need Orbi 970 Most of All

Beyond the techie reasons to upgrade to the Orbi 970, there is also the very crucial matter of protecting your kids from the many pitfalls and dangers of the online experience. When you have minors, whether they’re browsing or gaming, the ability to control the amount of time they spend online and what they see is key. iPads can provide a welcome relief for busy parents who need a moment to chop carrot sticks in peace, but an iron-guarded tablet with safety features locked and loaded is even better.

Included with the Orbi 970 is a 30-day Premium Plan trial of Netgear’s Smart Parental Controls internet filter. This robust app lets you set time limits to promote healthy online habits, block objectionable sites and content, and see history and activity (both on WiFi and LTE) across all devices. Once your young gamers and streamers experience the astounding performance of the Orbi 970 WiFi System, they’re going to want to be online even more than before, so the ability to modulate their time is a big plus.

The internet’s dominance over every corner of modern life is mind-melding, and it’s healthy to take a break from screens once in a while. However, while you’re relishing in the joys and possibilities of a high-tech lifestyle, gift yourself the ease of seamless, reliable, and safe WiFi with the Orbi 970 WiFi System.

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