Battery Mineral Resources Corp. Chilean Punitaqui Project Announces Community and Social Initiatives

Vancouver, British Columbia –News Direct– Battery Mineral Resources Corp.

Battery Mineral Resources Corp.BMR) (OTCQB: BTRMF) (“Batteries” or “BMR” or the “Company”) is very pleased to announce that it has completed agreements with the Comunidad Agricola Potrerillos Alto (“Potrerillos Community”) and the Comunidad Agricola Punitaqui (“Punitaqui Community”).

The Potrerillos Community is nearest in proximity to BMR’s Cinabrio mine assets and the agreement will allow for surface exploration consisting of a ground magnetic survey, geological mapping, and sampling to identify potential new targets on grounds for which the Potrerillos Community has surface rights to. BMR personnel and contractors have permission to access the agreed-upon surface work. BMR is also permitted to drill potential targets during the initial phase of exploration. These areas have never been explored before. Ground magnetic surveys have been used successfully in the area to locate potential new target mineralization. Battery will pay market rate remuneration to members of the Potrerillos Community who will assist with these endeavors. BMR will be able now to monitor any promising exploration results.

BMR also funded the construction of a water source for Potrerillos to aid the community. For many years, the well will be of direct benefit to Potrerillos residents. The new well will provide water for the entire community, eliminating the need to transport water into their water reservoir. The new well will increase water availability and reduce costs by eliminating water trucking.

BMR will support the continuation of payment for services of the Cordillera De Potrerillos Alto School’s school nurse, as it has done since September 2022.

BMR is currently in the process to establish a Punitaqui copper processing plants site community engagement and meeting bureau. This office will be staffed at company expense by volunteers. This office will enable all people in our direct area to contact Battery in person at their convenience. This new office will be available to the company in the coming weeks.

Other agreements and community items

As previously reported, BMR has been working closely with Integratio Mediação Social e Sustentabilidade (“Integratio”), a socio-environmental management, strategic relationship, and stakeholder engagement consultant group operating for over 17 years and based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Integratio & BMR collaborated to create a policy and strategy document that included guidelines and standards for future reporting and engagement in the community. This policy provides the foundation for positive, proactive and mutually beneficial partnership and engagement with local communities.

The company also has agreements with Punitaqui to have surface access to the Punitaqui copper plant, tailings areas, and the Dalmacia Copper deposit to the north. BMR and Punitaqui have also reached an agreement regarding the ore haulage between Cinabrio and Punitaqui’s copper processing plant. The company decided to limit ore haulage from San Andres and Cinabrio deposits to Punitaqui copper processor plant to certain hours of day and night. It also agreed to reduce trucking before and after school hours in order to minimize traffic in the area. This agreement was accomplished in collaboration with both the Chilean Environment Assessment Service (“SEA”) and the people of the Punitaqui Community during the submission of the Company’s Environmental Impact Declaration (“DIA”).

Martin Kostuik is the CEO of Battery “We are delighted to have reached these mutually beneficial agreements with both the communities of Potrerillos and Punitaqui. The agreement with the community of Potrerillos emphasises the strong regard we have for our neighbours nearest the Cinabrio mine complex and our commitment toengage constructively with all the Company’s stakeholders. BMR will be able to discover potential new mineralized areas near the Cinabrio mine. It is crucial that the Punitaqui Community has reached an agreement. This addresses their concerns about the reopening of Punitaqui’s operations. BMR strives towards building productive, ethical, transparent relationships with the communities around us. It is our duty to our shareholders as well as to communities to encourage sustainable growth, safe and responsible business practices, while also developing long-term resource. We look forward to greatly advancing our relationships with the people of Potrerillos and Punitaqui as we continue working diligently to restart our Punitaqui copper mine in the coming months of early 2023.”

Details about the Agreement with Potrerillos

The company will need to complete the above-described geological tasks within a maximum of 12 weeks after the work began. BMR will complete the surface geological work on the Potrerillos Community ground. Funding from the Company is also available for the construction of a well that collects groundwater for use by the Potrerillos Community. Construction and operation of this well will be at the Potrerillos Community’s sole expense.

After the above-described exploration, BMR will identify an area of potential interest on the Potrerillos Community property. This area may be subject to a lease in order to continue the exploration. The Potrerillos Community may assess the proposed area, and may exclude some areas. BMR shall agree to exclusions of the Community-designated areas. After the agreed-upon surface area of interest is reached, the parties will sign a lease agreement with a rental price per ha for each year. BMR will have five years to complete exploration work. Rent will be paid monthly. BMR will be paying advance rent when they sign the lease. This advance will be deducted monthly from the rent. It will be calculated by multiplying the annual rental value by the final number hectares BMR requires. The upfront payment will be used by the Community to purchase the equipment required to build the water well mentioned above.

Battery Mineral Resources Corp.

Battery Mineral Resources is an international battery minerals company that provides shareholders with exposure to the global mega-trend in electrification. The company’s growth strategy is cash-flow, exploration and acquisitions made in favorable mining jurisdictions. Battery Mineral’s mission is the discovery, acquisition, and development of battery metals (namely cobalt, lithium, graphite, and copper), in North America, South America and South Korea, to become a premier and responsible supplier of battery minerals to the electrification marketplace. BMR is currently seeking to resume operations at the Punitaqui Mining Complex (a former producer of copper-gold in the Coquimbo region, Chile). BMR holds the largest mineral claim in the Gowganda Cobalt–Silver Camp, Ontario, Canada. It continues to pursue a program to expand on the newly announced, +1 million-pound, high-grade cobalt resource, McAra. In addition, Battery Mineral owns 100% of ESI Energy Services, Inc. (including ESI’s wholly owned USA operating subsidiary, Ozzie’s, Inc.), a profitable mainline pipeline and renewable energy equipment rental and sales company with operations in Alberta, Canada and Arizona, USA. Battery Minerals Resources is based in Canada and its shares are listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol “BMR” and on the OTCQB under the symbol “BTRMF”. More information on BMR and its projects is available here


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