Blossoming Flowers at the Top of the Biopharmaceutical Tree — Reflections on the Flourishing of Sanyou’s 4C Business

SHANGHAI, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In 1996, MDS Pharma Service invested in and established the first true Contract Research Organization (CRO) in China, dedicated to clinical trial business for new drugs. This marked the official launch of the CRO industry in China.

The concept of CRO originated in the United States in the 1970s – 1980s. As the U.S. FDA regulations for drug research and development (R&D) continued to evolve, requiring increased funding and time for drug R&D, the competition among pharmaceutical companies intensified. In this context, CROs emerged as external resources that pharmaceutical companies could leverage to quickly assemble highly specialized and experienced teams. This approach proved effective in reducing the drug R&D cycle and lowering R&D costs. Consequently, CROs gained favor among major pharmaceutical companies gradually.

By 2023, after 8 years of development, Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals has gradually evolved into four business forms: CRO, CDO (Contract Development Organization), CPO (Cooperative Project Organization), and CRS (Core Reagent Solution). The emergence of these business forms provides more specialized and efficient support for the development and production of biopharmaceuticals, further promoting the development of the field of biopharmaceuticals.

A Thriving Tree of Biopharmaceuticals

If the field of biopharmaceuticals is likened to a towering tree, then Sanyou’s 4C business model is an indispensable part of the tree. Among them, CRS serves as the soil in which the tree roots, proving foundational support and assurance; CRO functions as the trunk, offering sturdy support to the entire biopharmaceutical field; CPO acts as the lush side branches, forming the flourishing foundation for abundant blossoms; and CDO, like the vibrant flowers at the top of the tree, captures attention and radiates vitality, harmonizing with the side branches to jointly showcase the prosperity of the tree of biopharmaceuticals.

This is not only a highly visual description of the field of biopharmaceuticals, but also a refined summary of Sanyou’s business model. The 4C business model is closely integrated, resembling a thriving tree in the forest, demonstrating the comprehensive and complete scope of Sanyou business. This metaphor not only aids in understanding the complex structure of the field of biopharmaceuticals, but also highlight the form and positioning of Sanyou’s 4C business model in the field of biopharmaceutical. Such a vivid analogy not only helps us better understand the development of the field of biopharmaceuticals, but also provides a fresh perspective to examine and contemplate the future direction of this field.

Blooming flowers – CDO: Leading the Innovative Force in Drug R&D

The blossoms at the top of the tree are dazzling and symbolize the outstanding achievements in biopharmaceutical R&D. These blossoms represent drug R&D projects that have successfully entered the IND (Investigational New Drug) stage, finally flourishing at the top of the tree after careful cultivation and continuous efforts.

Since 2020, SanYou has successfully facilitated the IND approval for 7 innovative biopharmaceutical projects, demonstrating its strength in the field of drug R&D. Moreover, we have accomplished the cell line production and process development for more than 30 projects, providing a stable foundation for drug R&D.

CDO focuses on the R&D of innovative drugs, and every step from preclinical candidate molecules (PCC) to IND application is crucial. Sanyou provides customers with services in key areas such as cell line construction, small-scale process development, analysis method development and validation, pilot production and release testing, toxicology research, stability research, and more. These services are aimed at ensuring the smooth progress of drug R&D and creating more value for customers.

Lateral Branches – CPO: The Expanding Force in Biopharmaceutical R&D

In the field of biopharmaceutical R&D, CPO business acts like the lateral branches of a towering tree, possessing strong vitality and adaptability. By taking an appropriate clump and planting it in a flower pot, it can grow into another tree independently.

CPO business provides customers with targeted pre-research services, allowing them to initiate targeted research with lower R&D costs. This service saves customers a significant amount of time and resources, allowing them to focus more on the R&D process of their projects. Once a project reaches a certain stage, customers can flexibly choose the subsequent advancement methods according to their needs to ensure the continuous and stable progress of the project.

For R&D projects that require additional investment, CPO business also provides collaborative pre-research services. Customers only need to invest a portion of the R&D costs to initiate collaborative R&D with Sanyou. Sanyou contributes the platform and team, sharing the investment jointly to ensure the smooth progression of the project to key milestones. This collaborative model provides customers with more resources and support, reduces R&D risks, and enhances R&D efficiency.

In addition, CPO business also offers pre-research grafting and technology grafting services. SanYou completes various tasks related to “breeding and seedling cultivation” in advance and provides candidate projects that have completed certain stages of R&D according to customer needs. We also offer a unique super-trillion innovative antibody drug discovery platform to help customers accelerate the R&D process of antibody drugs. These services provide customers with comprehensive support, allowing them to focus more on drug development and innovation.

Sanyou’s platform, in-house projects, and R&D investment are flourishing lateral branches of the big tree, offering customers abundant resources and strong support. We invite you to harvest more and assure that this collaboration comes with low risks.

Trunk – CRO: The Core Strength of Drug R&D

In the field of biopharmaceutical R&D, CRO plays a vital role, much like the core position of the trunk in trees. As a contract research organization, CRO undertakes all stages of preclinical work in the drug R&D process, covering from PCC overall business to stage-specific services, which are all indispensable parts of drug R&D.

The PCC overall service within CRO is one of the core businesses of drug R&D. It encompasses the entire process, from raw material preparation to antibody screening, antibody engineering, animal efficacy screening, and more. In order to ensure the smooth progress of each step, Sanyou’s powerful target research team plays a key role. Comprising more than 20 staff with PhD degrees, this team has accumulated rich experience, starting from clinical needs to explore high-value projects. They maintain close communication with well-known pharmaceutical companies and authoritative professors in specialized fields, collectively discussing and exploring the druggability value of innovative targets and projects.

In addition to the PCC overall service, stage-specific services within CRO are also crucial in the drug R&D process. It involves breaking down the PCC overall service into individual stages, each of which can be provided as a separate service to customers independently. This service model makes investment and output much clearer, allowing for the fast and efficient completion of tasks such as molecule generation, molecular optimization, in vivo and in vitro validation, and more.

As of the end of 2023, Sanyou has successfully delivered more than 100 PCC projects and completed over 300 antibody discovery projects. These achievements fully demonstrate Sanyou’s strength and experience in the field of drug R&D. Looking into the future, we will continue to explore innovative high-value projects, proactively engage in R&D in advance, shorten drug R&D cycles, reduce drug R&D risks, and enhance overall drug R&D efficiency.

Soil – CRS: The Solid Foundation of Drug R&D

In the field of biopharmaceutical R&D, CRS business serves as fertile soil, providing a stable support for the entire drug R&D process. As the foundational force in drug R&D, CRS, with its robust strength, ensures the stable supply and quality assurance of the raw materials required for drug R&D.

As a solid support for SanYou’s innovative biopharmaceutical discovery platform, CRS is the core reagent solution that can provide protein customization and pre-made reagents. This business not only directly creates value for customers but also meets the requirements of raw materials for various projects (such as CRO, CPO, and CDO). With its superior preparation techniques and rigorous quality control, CRS ensures the timely delivery and high-quality standards of reagents.

If CRS is likened to soil, then the robust capabilities of the raw material preparation platform are like a sturdy root system, penetrating deep into the soil to provide a steady and continuous supply of nutrients. Through mature expression systems, Sanyou can meet the preparation needs for various types of antibodies, antigens, and cell lines. For challenging drug target proteins, Sanyou has excellent preparation technologies such as virus-like particle (VLP) fusion protein preparation, membrane protein extraction, and overexpression cell line technologies, and more. With a comprehensive inventory of over 100,000 types of ready-made reagents, Sanyou can provide customers with ultimately fast delivery of reagents with short delivery time. Moreover, Sanyou has established a comprehensive multi-dimensional drug validation system to ensure the high reliability of the quality of ready-made reagent products.

In summary, as the solid foundation of drug R&D, CRS provides abundant raw material support for the entire preclinical R&D of biopharmaceuticals. Over the past year, Sanyou’s protein customization services have achieved extensive coverage and timely technological updates, delivering thousands of orders successfully in just two years. At the same time, Sanyou’s ready-made reagent product line has included more than 11,000 products, covering three major fields: proteins, antibodies, and cell lines, along with their subdivisions. Looking forward to the future, Sanyou will continue to increase investment, expand the scope and customer base of protein customization services, and actively explore overseas markets. Additionally, Sanyou will continuously introduce new reagent products to meet the requirements of rigid demand, high-frequency use, and high-end products in the market.

Soil, trunk, lateral branches, and blooming flowers encapsulate the robust and flourishing tree of biopharmaceuticals, representing the in-depth understanding and unique insights of Sanyou in the field of drug R&D. Through this metaphorical tree, we can more intuitively understand the complex structure and developmental trends in the field of biopharmaceutical, while also better understand the core business model of Sanyou and its crucial position in the field of drug R&D.

In the future, Sanyou will continue to uphold the core principles of this biopharmaceutical tree, constantly expand and deepen its core business model. Just as a tree never perceives the sky as being too close, Sanyou will never cease its pursuit of excellence.

About Sanyou

Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a world-leading high-tech biotechnology enterprise focusing on R&D and services of innovative biologic drugs. Sanyou is committed to bridge drug R&D and all-life-cycle manufacture supply chain, and has built the 4C business patterns that integrate “differentiated CRO, integrated CDO, innovative CPO and characteristic CRS”, to accomplish the mission “to make the R&D easy for innovative biologics”.

Sanyou has established an integrated innovative biologic drug R&D laboratory of twenty thousand square meters with advanced facilities, and has a professional team with the majority holding a Ph.D. or master degree. Sanyou has built three industry-leading innovative technology platforms featured by “super-trillion, integration, and intelligence” , which are comprised of more than 50 sub-platforms with the core innovative super-trillion phage display platform, and supported by platforms of material preparation, biologics discovery, molecule optimization, in vitro and in vivo efficacy, production cell line construction, upstream and downstream process development, preclinical R&D, industrialization development, etc.

Sanyou’s business network has expanded to all parts of the world, including Asia, US and Europe, and established branches in Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego and London. Sanyou has established friendly business relationships with more than 1000 pharmaceutical companies, drug R&D institutions and diagnostics companies worldwide. Sanyou received National-level certification as a high-tech enterprise and a Specialized and Sophisticated enterprise, and passed the ISO9001 quality assurance certification and GB/T intellectual property management system certification.



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