Caroline Stanbury and Husband Sergio Carrallo Document Her Painful Facelift Recovery: ‘It Was Very Hard’

“I know I look like a patchwork doll, I look awful,” Stanbury said to her husband following her cosmetic procedure

<p>sergio carrallo/Instagram</p> Caroline Stansbury and Sergio Carrallo

sergio carrallo/Instagram

Caroline Stansbury and Sergio Carrallo

Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury are giving a candid look at the painful recovery process following her recent facelift procedure.

The Real Madrid soccer player, 29, posted a joint Instagram video showing his reality star wife’s lengthy recovery process after getting facelift surgery — along with the struggles that came with it.

He started out the video with a look at all the items he got her while she underwent surgery for about “four hours,” which included a bouquet of “get-well-soon” flowers, a card and a Hailey Bieber Erewhon smoothie, which is one of her favorites. “I’m actually scared, but I can’t wait to see her,” he said.

He then shared a live reaction to seeing Stanbury, 47, for the first time post-procedure, noting that he had been “shocked” as it was the “hardest thing to see.” The video then cut to a clip of The Real Housewives of Dubai star in the car with her entire head wrapped in bandages and her body wrapped in a white blanket as he drove her home.

The following day he showed the start of her painful recovery: She was sitting and resting on the bed with a drainage bag around her shoulders.

Later, the couple walked outside, Stanbury’s face still covered with bandages.

<p>sergio carrallo/Instagram</p> Caroline Stanbury

sergio carrallo/Instagram

Caroline Stanbury

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On the second day post-surgery, Carrallo showed his wife on the bed resting and said, “I thought yesterday was bad, but today is actually very bad. She’s swollen. She can’t really open her eyes. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. But this is crazy.”

He then cut to her fourth day of recovery, when Stanbury had fewer stitches around her head . “I know I look like a patchwork doll, I look awful,” she said while touching her face.

<p>sergio carrallo/Instagram</p> Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury

sergio carrallo/Instagram

Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury

Day 5 was another emotional day for Stanbury — she finally got her small stitches removed. She was recorded crying after the doctor removed the stitches as Carrallo hugged her legs.

Things appear to get better from that point: Carrallo asked Stanbury on Day 10 how she was feeling, and she noted that she was “nervous” because she would get the staples out the next day. “I mean you look quite normal, actually,” Carrallo told her.

“If I do this and my hair was down, I look completely normal,” she said, lifting her hair up to show under her hairline. “But then you do this and there’s like everything there,” Carrallo added. The video then cut to her laying on a surgery table and getting her staples removed and resting in bed.

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After two weeks, the pair noted that “everything is out.” Stanbury added that she could finally “move” her neck after 12 days. She had a final appointment with the cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kim, and the pair could be seen smiling together in the video after she was done with the facelift.

“Still a bit stiff,” Stanbury said after it was done. “My skin feels amazing and still a bit tight, my eyes are insane.”

<p>sergio carrallo/Instagram</p> Caroline Stanbury

sergio carrallo/Instagram

Caroline Stanbury

“My wife is back to being her,” Carrallo added. “She’s out! She’s out!”

“This was probably one of the hardest moments of my life,” he captioned the video. “Seeing the person that you love with all your heart suffering and in pain how she was .. it was very hard.”

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“As a husband I will always support her and be here for her and as much as I was against it, she really wanted to do it,” he continued. “So, I was there for her, supporting and helping her day to day.”

“I am very proud of you and I just seeing how happy you are with the result, it makes me very happy,” he concluded the post addressing Stanbury. “You look absolutely beautiful @carolinestanbury the only problem, now … I am the oldest in the relationship!! 😒🤣🤍”

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