Coinremitter Celebrates 10 Million Crypto Transactions

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2023 / The year 2023 had so many surprises in the crypto world. We could see Bitcoin crossing 30,000 USD by April 2023 and even crossing 40,000 USD by late 2023. Recently, Ferrari started accepting crypto payments for its cars in the US. Thus, Ferrari joined the club of legendary market players like Tesla, Microsoft, and Starbucks with this exceptional move.

On the other hand, the world might be missing out on a highlight (or let’s call it an achievement), which is Coinremitter’s unbelievable achievement of crossing 10 million transactions. We were just browsing all the crypto payment gateways across the web and we found Coinremitter claiming a whopping 12 million+ crypto transactions on its crypto payment gateway.

We had heard about Coinremitter before this. We had some basic info about Coinremitter like it is a crypto payment gateway that mainly focuses on merchants’ profits and privacy. But it was insane to see over 12 million successful crypto transactions. We were curious to know the reason behind this.

So, we tried to reach out to the team Coinremitter to learn more about this claim. We were curious to know how they achieved this. So of course, we had some exciting questions. We headed there with our questions. We had a healthy conversation together and the team had satisfactory answers to our questions.

How did Coinremitter achieve such a great feat?

Team Coinremitter gave all the credits to the merchants associated with the team. Of course, they have some features to offer that are quite competitive in the market. But they were so thankful to the individuals who showed faith in Coinremitter even after having so many options available in the market. However, they pointed out some of the features that they thought could be deal-breaking. Here’s the list:

The team told us that the low processing fee somehow became the deciding factor for the associated merchants. They tried to reach out to some merchants and some of them admitted that they’d love to recommend Coinremitter to other merchants for accepting crypto payments just because of its lower fee. ‘Maybe they were managing to have more profits’ said team Coinremitter.

We were curious to know if Coinremitter served any specific audience. We got to see a report by Exploding Topics revealing the data on individuals concerned about their online privacy. In 2023, we can see that approximately 85% of global adults work on protecting their online privacy. This number could have been something else when Coinremitter was launched. But they mentioned that privacy is also one of the key factors, which helped them cross 10 million transactions.

In detail, they told us that many privacy-concerned merchants could’ve been looking for a crypto payment gateway without KYC. They launched one and many merchants looked happy to register without submitting any identity proof.

‘Wait, you said something like the gas station, what’s that?’ we asked them. We got to know that they allowed merchants to reduce transaction fees on selected cryptocurrencies. We showed our curiosity to know how it works. They told us that they allow users to deposit the gas balance in a unique crypto wallet (of a compatible cryptocurrency). The gas fee gets extracted from that wallet whenever a crypto transaction takes place. We found that transaction fees with the gas station are up to 50% lower than the conventional ones on Coinremitter.

During our conversation, we got to know about so many Coinremitter features. But these were some key features that effectively helped Coinremitter cross 10 million transactions.


Company Name: Coinremitter Pte. Ltd.
Contact Person: Tony
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Coinremitter Pte. Ltd.

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