Corey Feldman and Courtney Anne Mitchell separating after 7 years of marriage amid her health issues

Corey Feldman and Courtney Anne Mitchell are calling it quits after seven years of marriage.

Feldman revealed the news Monday, telling PEOPLE in a statement that it is “with great sadness” that the two are going their separate ways “after many wonderful years together.”

“We have been through so much together and still have much love and respect for each other,” the actor and musician said. “There is no one to blame. This is a case of life becoming really hard, Courtney dealing with health issues, and two people who have grown apart and now find themselves at a crossroads.”

Corey Feldman and Courtney Anne Mitchell

Corey Feldman and Courtney Anne Mitchell

Roy Rochlin/Getty Corey Feldman and Courtney Anne Mitchell

The Goonies alum has been busy with his Love Retours 23 tour with his band, which Mitchell previously was a part of. In light of their split, Feldman revealed that she would no longer be taking part in the tour. Said Feldman, “Due to Courtney’s health concerns and the process of healing, we both feel it’s not in her best interest to continue on Love Retours 23 at this time.”

He continued, “On behalf of myself and my band, we all love her and ask for your prayers in wishing her a speedy recovery. We don’t know what the future will hold, but we know that the love we have for each other is not going anywhere.”

A rep for Feldman did not immediately return EW’s request for comment.

In a separate statement, Mitchell echoed Feldman’s sentiments, telling PEOPLE that, though she “always will” love him, her recent health struggles have “taken a massive toll on me and my family.” “I always try to keep positive and a light heart regardless of what I am going through physically, but sadly it has now crossed a threshold where I can no longer continue on with the tour,” she said.

“It’s been a long journey of dealing with my own chronic fatigue syndrome which makes it difficult to keep up with the high energy of touring and traveling from place to place,” she continued. “However, I do wish ‘My Love, Husband, & Friend,’ and the bandmates a happy tour and the very best out there. I know they will be amazing as they put on a great show.”

Mitchell concluded by thanking her ex for his support during her healing process. “I couldn’t have done so without his love and support,” Mitchell said.

Feldman and Mitchell first started dating in 2012. The two got engaged, and later married, in 2016. In addition to their shared musical endeavors, the two also appeared in reality shows together, including Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition and Celebrity Wife Swap.

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