Dennis and Anitta Enter an 8-Bit Arcade Game in ‘Monstrão’ Video

Anitta and Dennis Anitta and Dennis.jpg - Credit: Eduardo Carvalho*

Anitta and Dennis Anitta and Dennis.jpg – Credit: Eduardo Carvalho*

It’s a-me, Anitta and Dennis! On Friday, the Brazilian stars released the 8-bit video game-inspired music video for their new collaboration, “Monstrão,” which sees the two artists running through a Super Mario-esque arcade game.

The Nuno Gomes-directed video has an 8-bit feel to it and follows the two artists in an arcade and later in a literal game as they jump through levels and face off against a bulldog DJ. By the end of the video, the two musicians ride motorcycles through the 8-bit world before facing off with a Brazilian Bowser. Anitta, of course, twerks her way into defeating him.

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The end of the video, which teases a continuation of the video game storyline, sees the two artists riding down a flagpole. Mario and Luigi, who?

“It has a Nineties feel, you know that Mario monster? We brought it in the video as a reference, and we made a joke with it all”, said Dennis in a press release. “The song also has references from nowadays, but with the famous ‘tamborzão’ from the 2000s. And Anitta couldn’t help but participate too, she’s a singer that I admire so much and who made the song even more brilliant.”

The producer-artist pair recorded the video at Rio de Janeiro’s Fundição Progresso and at the Arco de Lapa. “I loved when Dennis showed me ‘Monstrão,’ I said ‘Man, what an amazing song!’” Anitta said. “There’s an instrumental part in the middle of the song that’s very old-school funk, and it was really fun to be part of the video.”

A press release teased that “Monstrão” is the first of three songs featuring both artists.

Dennis has had a massive year, especially after releasing “Tá OK,” along with its remix featuring Maluma and Karol G. Among his releases this year are “Cria de Rio” with Mc Poze do Rodo and “Eu Vou Pro Baile Tacar” with Valesca Popzuda.

For her part, Anitta dropped the single “Mil Veces” and joined Tomorrow X Together for “Back For More.” She also released a trio of songs for her Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story song bundle.

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