Try these tasty vegetables that you can grow in containers or beds.

Broad beans are a delicious summer treat. And, once the seeds are sown and the supporting structures are in place, they don’t require much upkeep – just a bit of watering and weeding from time to time.

In spring, you’ll plant them in double rows. Place a sturdy cane at either end of the rows, and then tie two lengths of twine, pulling them taut, from one end to another.

You can grow broad beans in a container garden. If you choose to do so, select a variety that is dwarf such as The Sutton and use a pot with rounded sides. Remember to water your plants in containers as they dry out faster than plants in the ground.

Top tip Suttons suggest that you soak bean seeds overnight, then place them on cotton wool dampened with blotting paper or water to make them sprout. This will accelerate the germination process.

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